Loud 2.0TDI - NickS
Hi all,

My current car is a 2005 Golf 2.0 TDI GT, which is coming up for 70k. It has just been serviced at the main dealer, so should be running quite sweetly, however.......

Having just returned from a jaunt to Dover in a company Passat 2.0TDI SE (56 reg), which seems to have the same 140bhp engines as mine, my car seems a) a lot louder and b) significantly slower.

I also noticed that there is a bit of "play" on the gearstick when it is in gear in my Golf, is this normal (again, not present on the Passat)?

Whilst I acknoldege the noise might be pureley down to more sound deadening in the Passat, I would have thought the 2.0TDi should feel more powerful in the Golf, given its reduced size/weight.........

My warranty expires in May, and I am keen to get anything that might need doing, done before then!

Thanks in advance....
Loud 2.0TDI - daveyjp
The Passat may be a 170 which is quieter and quicker.

The Passat may have better insulation.

Does your Golf have an engine cover? Not all VAG cars with the 2.0TDI have it fitted.
Noisy 2.0TDI - NickS
Hmmm, i'm pretty sure its the 140 variant in the Passat, as that is the car on the company car list.......and deviating from that is a deadly sin!

Mine does have the engine cover, it just sounds/feels rougher than the Passat.

Does anyone have any expereince of cabin noise in a Golf compared to a Passat?

And with reagrds to the gearbox, is a small amout of play on the lever whilst a gear is engaged normal?
Noisy 2.0TDI - colinh
Given that sound-deadening is one of the major areas of so-called improvement to the Mark VI - although according to a recent road test, even though the new engine is now common rail, it is still noisy - tells something about the old PD engine - economical but unrefined.
Noisy 2.0TDI - scipi
I have a Golf Plus TDI which is noisy when cold but quite when its warmed up. I had a Passat as a replacement car which I found to be much quieter and yes the Passat has much more sound deadening material under the bonnet than the Golf. Yes there is a small amount of play with the gears and they make a click sound when you change gears. This Ive been told by VW is normal.

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