Daewoo - Andrew Bairsto
A superkarket chain in Germany Edeka has apparently bought up all the Daewoos from what where returned by the dealer network when the firm collapsed in Europe.As from tuesday they will be selling them from the supermarkets immidiate delivery for about half there previous price.All are zero KM and covered with a one year gaurantee.If you do not mind LHD it is a
cheap way to drive a new throughaway car.
I also have a number of Trabants for sale both with 2 stroke motors and with the 1.1 Polo motor some are Estates some have tuv and some are scrappers .the 1.1 s are in very good condition.
Plus we can supply all Chevrolet (corvettes,camaros,blazers tahoes etc. models at far below anything you would pay in the Uk incuding so called importers
regards Andy Bairsto
Re: Daewoo - David Lacey
Andy - found on a local school past pupils page - is this you?

Andrew Bairsto 1985/90 andy@bairsto1974.freeserve.co.uk I have just completed an MSc in Information Technology at Loughborough and am set to go travelling for six months in January.

Couldn't email you as the address is not valid.

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