Jaguar's woes! - kam
I again read today that Jaguar is in further trouble and is halting production for a short period,whilst this is not uncommon at the moment i feel that jaguar maybe in serious trouble,and i think this is for several reasons: However Jag seems to try and move their game on with new models i feel that the "jaguar" image is just not that appealling anymore,the cars are not bad but why would you want one, when the competition seems to be a superior product? The idea of the XF was to appeal to a younger clientel but as yet i see little evidence of this happening.I think that the current problems in the car industry are not helped by mass-saturation of brands and niches and this is evidently not sustainable,so if some maufacturers do fold,it may be tragic and history may be lost,but i think this has been a long time coming.......
Jaguar's woes! - Lygonos
The XF is in a different league to the rest of their range, and is at least on a par, and thought by many to be superior to the 5 series/E class.

It has come as sales are dropping and may or may not be good enough to save the brand. How well it sells in foreign markets is far more important than domestic sales, and I've no idea how it is doing in Eurozone/USA.

Tata's liquidity will also be of prime importance, but as a brand, even if Tata sink, I think Jaguar has enough cachet for a private equity firm to move in and drag things out a few more years.
Jaguar's woes! - cjehuk
As a member of the "younger generation" (I'm 25)... I'd certainly buy an XF, an XK or an XJ. The Jags have something that the competitor products don't have and that's a little emotion in them. An Audi is an immaculately designed car but you can't love it because it lack little flaws. The Jags have these tiny flaws, they aren't as fast or as economical perhaps as others, but they are all the better for them. Also crucially, none of the above models come with anything less than 6 cylinders which makes them more a true luxury vehicle than a car cashing in on the market by adding a 2.0TDI to the range.

I really hope Jaguar/Land Rover, GM, Ford and Chrysler survive and grow. Their products might not be perfect but I think the efforts of the rest of Europe and the far East are made to look a little dull by them.
Jaguar's woes! - Toyota Red
I dunno about that. I'm also one of the 'younger generation', and I'd avoid a Jag like the plague. Too many niggling flaws, and not as fast or economical as they should be. ;-)
Jaguar's woes! - Avant
Historically, much of Jaguar's problems have been poor residuals, caused partly (maybe not so much now) by unreliability, partly by the S-type and the XJ being perceived as old people's cars, and the X-type as a tarted-up Mondeo. (And not that tarted up: I test-drove an X-type a few year ago and the clutch was way out of adjustment and the carpet and finish in the boot would have disgraced a Ford Ka.)

But What Car's table is more optimistic about the residuals of the XF, and road tests have been generally enthusiastic: so let's hope for the best and that it won't be ta-ta to Jaguar (sorry).

(At least ownership by Tata makes obsolete the theory that Jaguar is an acronym (Just A Granada Under A Reskin.)
Jaguar's woes! - malden blue
Jaguar Land Rover and the Mini are essential if the UK wants to remain a 1st world country, if the govt can afford to pour several hundred billions into the bottomless pit of corporate finance, they can surely afford 1/20th of that sum for guaranteeing our manufacturing base

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Jaguar's woes! - mattbod
TATA should hopefully be able to save the brand and the new small Jag (like a scaled down XF) looks good when it comes out and the new 3.0 Diesel sounds a corker in the XF.

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Jaguar's woes! - Westpig
beofre I start i'll declare my bias....but

Jaguar sales for 2008 were fairly healthy in the big scheme of things, mostly due to the popularity of the XF and a slight renaissance of the X Type which is picking up sales again,
although more recently, like many manufacturers, they're feeling the pinch. XF sales abroad are doing quite well.

There has recently been a 3.0 litre diesel engine introduced (to supplement the very able 2.7) and that engine (3.0) is very highly thought of indeed, some saying it's the best in the market.

There's a new XJ out soon and the XK still sells in big enough numbers for its' type to be more than helpful.

When they were all in the Premier Automotive Group, Jaguar was the one losing the most money, albeit not a great amount when compared to the rest of Ford. Since Mr Tata has had ownership Jaguar has been profitable and Land Rover now seems to be the one slipping backwards, albeit their product range is positive.

Tata, isn't about to go down the pan, not by a long shot..and Ratan Tata bought Jaguar Land Rover for a long term plan.

I wouldn't write them off just yet.
Jaguar's woes! - Ian (Cape Town)
Jag traditionally had good sales in the USA, but i suspect - even given the weaker pound - that barry's new message will be 'save the US auto industry', and buying foreign will be seen as unpatriotic by the americans.
NOT good for Jagwar (sic) sales in their biggest export market.
Jaguar's woes! - Bagpuss
I had a look at an XF. The interior is very nice and makes the 5 Series particularly look very baroque. I really don't like the exterior styling though and the longer I looked at it, the less appealing I found it, especially from the front.

The killer though, is the leasing rate. An XF, at least in Germany, costs far more to lease as a company car than a six cylinder 5 Series, E Class or A6. That's assuming you can find a dealer to look at one in the first place.
Jaguar's woes! - movilogo
i feel that the "jaguar" image is just not that appealling anymor

I'd rather say Jaguar reliability is appalling :)
Jaguar's woes! - Chris S
What's the betting they move Jaguar production to India?
Jaguar's woes! - jc2
Ford should now be able to buy Jag/L/R back for a fraction of the price they got paid.
Jaguar's woes! - peterb
"Ford should now be able to buy ...."

With what exactly?

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