2003 1.9Tdi 130PD Auto tiptronic problem - timber
I'd be grateful if anyone could help me diagnose my gearbox problem (without mentioning that I should be going to the dealer for a diagnostic test).

The car at present drives perfectly when in auto (or tip) but when I stop and change into neutral the car jerks. When I put it into reverse or drive, sometimes on computer the gear select square that highlights the gear that I am in changes and all the squares (i.e. P, R, N, D, 4, 3 and 2), are all highlighted at same time. When I change from reverse into neutral the car jerks twice as badly as from D to neutral

After that it wont drive properly and it feels like it's in a higher gear i.e. possibly 3rd is engaged. So I turn off the ignition to reboot then everything is okay until next time I stop.

I had the 3rd service (47500miles) and MOT last week and the VW dealer put it on the diagnostic instrument and cured the problem, saying that it would probably revert to the same symptoms. They were proved correct......but they did all that free of charge!

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