2003 1.4 Cutting out low idle revs - graham3232
Having read similar posts on this forum my problem seems different, so here goes.

At 90K the original coil pack was on its way out and the engine started misfiring badly, mostly on cylinder 4. The engine light was flashing. I replaced the coil pack, plugs and leads straight away. This fully restored the car to perfect running condition and the engine light has now gone off itself. However another problem more than likely related occurred around the same time that has not gone away?

It idles fine and runs fine hot and cold but if I brake with the car in gear as you do when coming to a junction especially form higher speeds and press the clutch in at say 1500rpm the revs drop to 500 and the engine will often cut out or it will come back to idle at about 700 as normal. This is defiantly related to braking with the car in gear and is more likely to happen the harder I brake or higher the speed. If I press the clutch in at any time or put it in neural the revs fall and it idles normally. There is no engine light on and no other faults whatsoever.

I?m thinking the ecu has a problem with the new coil or was affected by the old one, or an air leak somewhere. Either way I want to pinpoint the problem myself to avoid paying the local dealer to look at it then tell me its fine because there are no fault codes!

So in anyone has had this problem or knows what it might be, any help would be most appreciated.
2003 1.4 Cutting out low idle revs - Ford Dagenham
Hello Graham

Iam hoping you get a solution as it may help me with the fiesta finnese (1.25 2004)

Martin Winters
2003 1.4 Cutting out low idle revs - gtomgee

hi did you ever discover what the problem was?


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