04 1.4 "Check Air Bag" Warning - stefanovitch
The above message persistently displays on the dash computer.

I have checked under driver seat and all cables look okay. When you move the driver seat forward as far as it goes the message sometime goes away but can return at any time. However, sometimes the message will not go away.

Is this a common fault?

Is it worth getting it checked out properly?

I had a similar problem on a Peugeot in the past and the dealer had a terrible time trying to remove the error and I don't think they ever did successfully.
04 1.4 - Screwloose
Can't recall ever sticking my head under a Scenic II's seat; but, if it is pretensioners, then it's usually silicone from the seat foam getting on the plugs.

After taking suitable precautions; clean the seat plugs with electrical contact cleaner.

With the light on; the SRS system will be disabled and that has insurance implications.

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