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04 1.6 Central Locking Fault- Or Not - jimbano

looking for a bit of help with this one.

Does anyone know for definite, on a base model KIA RIO, should the central locking system operate from the passengers front door lock with the key.

The central locking operates fine from the drivers door lock as normal, but when you go to the passenger door, only THAT door unlocks and locks using the key.

I believe this to be correct operation of the central locking system on this car, but i need to be sure, therefore i ask your advice.

FYI, the car does not have remote central locking, Just a plain key and two door locks.

IF the car is supposed to lock/unlock from either door, any pointers as to why it does'nt from the passenger side.

Two seperate KIA dealers have given me conflicting advice as to the correct operation of this system, hence why i'm here now.

Many thanks

04 1.6 Central Locking Fault- Or Not - Simon
I don't know particularly about your Kia Rio, but as you've said it is the base model then it does sound like it is operating as it should, ie there is no central locking when using the passenger door lock.
04 1.6 Central Locking Fault- Or Not - stevekay
I have a Hyundai Getz base model and the central locking only works on the drivers door lock. The passenger door lock is that door only as is the boot. Hyundai and Kia are sisters so I suspect the same sysytem will be fitted to both brands.
04 1.6 Central Locking Fault- Or Not - jase1
I had a few of these as courtesy cars a few years back, and can confirm that there is only one master CL mechanism, on the driver's side.

Indeed ISTR a small batch of these came into the country in around 2001 set up the wrong way around, so that they only worked from the passenger side (bit of a nightmare to fix I would imagine for the dealer as well). Not the first time that's happened on a LHD-RHD conversion I'm sure.

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