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1997 19 Oil Leak - andyrhysjones
1997 Peugeot 306 turbo D
I a, losing oil a fair amount and I am having to top up about once a week. it seems to be worse for some reason on shorter journeys. When I travel for an hour+ there seems to be less of a leak (very confused). There is oil plastered on the lower back of the engine but I can't see where from. Also there seems to be oil leaking from the filler cap, could the leak from the filler be being blown to the back of the engine in travel or do I have a head gasket problem andy ideas????
1997 19 Oil Leak - yorkiebar
Could it be the turbo oil supply/return pipes?

Seen a few 306 Td with this. Really awkward to get to, let alone repair!

But if its is, then I dont expect the turbo to last long if no attention given!
1997 19 Oil Leak - Peter.N.
Could also be the rocker cover gasket, a bit easier!
1997 19 Oil Leak - andyrhysjones
The problem has been going on for about 6 months with no performance issues just a nasty oil patch on the drive and a couple of cans of oil. Would the turbo have gone now if it ws the return/supply pipes?

I did ask a garage to have a look while in for something else they were less than enthusiastic about diagnosing / repairing the problem so looks like it may be a costly repair.

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