Best tyres for a TDi GT - Swifty35
I'm due to change both front tyres on my Golf TDi GT. Currently using Michelin Pilot Primacy which I have been very happy with, but is there anything better on the market? Good handling in wet and dry is a priority. Size 195 65 15 91 V. I am somewhat bewildered by the choice available - but all come down to a compromise. Your thoughts please.

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BEST TYRES - corblimeyguvnar
Depends on your budget.
Conti Premium Contacts go for about £50 each plus fitting, they get good reviews.
Michelin Energy, a bit more expensive but get even better reviews for tread wear rate and road holding.

BEST TYRES - MikeTorque
Goodyear Excellence are worth considering.
when i had my golf gt tdi i changed from continental premiun contact ( original fit ) to michelin pilot primacys .Didnt notice any change in handling or noise but michelins do seem to last longer. dont think you could go wrong with either
BEST TYRES - quizman
If you want Michelins you have to have the economy tyres, which aren't so good in the wet. Michelin have stopped producing Pilot Primacys and do not make their successor the HPs in 15 inch sizes.

I have had Pirelli P7s and Continental Premium Contacts in a similar size. They are both excellent in the wet and dry, I like both of them.
BEST TYRES - Swifty35
Are Goodyeae Excellence newish? I've not heard of them before. Have heard of Hydrogrips. What is the difference in perfomance between Hydogrips and Excellence?

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