98 2.1TD Buying advice please. - Badwolf
Afternoon ladies and gents, I do hope that you're enjoying your lunch. I'm off to have a gander at a car that's advertised on Ebay (item number 230267923481 if you fancy a butcher's) and would be very grateful for any advice on what to watch out for.

Are there any known faults that I should pay particular attention to? Also, the seller has intimated that a price of £650 would be enough to secure the car. Is this reasonable?

I'd much appreciate your answers quickly as I'm off to look at it within the hour.. Many many thanks in advance.

98 2.1TD Buying advice please. - mjm
Treat most of it as "just" another car of that age, ie check that everything works, fluids right and at correct level, it doesn't look bent, different colours on panels etc. Mine has no rust, not even on bonnet stone chips.(99 model, 93k) Check abs light works properly, on with ignition-off soon afterwards. (cbc says troublesome ecu's on some) Ride should be "magic carpet, smooth, well damped. Check that the "sport" setting on the suspension works.(switch on r/h side of dash, if fitted) Look in the LHM tank (black plastic tank at rear nearside under the bonnet with loads of pipes going to it.) fluid is flourescent green when clean and new, ageing to dirty green/black if neglected. Check that it will change height from low to normal to a bit higher to highest quite smoothly and relatively quickly. Look for fluid leaks.

Don't know much about engine, mine's a petrol.

Let us know what you think.

98 2.1TD Buying advice please. - Badwolf
Thanks for your advice, mjm. Went to see it and was very impressed with the condition, comfort, ride and performance considering the 143k miles on the clock. Bought it there and then.

Now then, anybody want a Vectra? :-)

98 2.1TD Buying advice please. - mjm
I did have a look at it on ebay before I replied. It did look cared for. The "local" Xantias I see tend to fall into 2 catagories, the just another old car to run into the ground, ie tatty all round, usually bouncing down the road with suspension as hard as rocks due to failed spheres, exterior trim hanging off, packing tape wing mirrors etc. and the cared for clean looking intact ones. Yours looked a definate catagory 2.

I've had mine just over 5 years, its now just over 9 years old and cleans up very well, except for the odd car park scrape(not done by either myself or my wife!)

It still feels "tight" to drive and I am very satisfied with it. I hope yours proves to be as good.


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