06 1.2 Squeaky clutch - Snakey
Our 2006 1.2 Polo has recently started to make a nasty,dry squeaking noise from under the bonnect whenever the clutch pedal is depressed or released.

Listening under the bonnet it seems to come from around the gearbox area.

Do these models have hydraulic clutchs? I can't see a clutch cable anywhere!

I've booked it into the dealers but I'm fully expecting the usual mantra of 'not covered by the warranty as its a wear and tear item' which goes with any clutch problem.

06 1.2 Squeaking Clutch? Now much worse... - Snakey
Well, My Polo went into the garage to check out the squeaky clutch pedal.

Came back running rough, smoking and the engine booming. Under the bonnet I discovered the oil filler cap on the bulkhead (oil spray everywhere) and the engine looking like it is actually tilting down to the right! (gearbox side is lower)

Any guesses what the rough idle and boomy engine might be? I reckon they've bust an engine mounting and caused the exhaust to crack.

Oh, and the engine management light has come on. All this and they never fixed the squeaky pedal! Wish I'd never bothered now.

Pretty poor service from a VW main dealer. I've asked them to collect the car tomorrow as I don't think its OK to drive.
06 1.2 Squeaky clutch - Raul_B


Did you repair this fault? I think I have the same fault :-(


Regards, Raul


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