First view - Citroënian {P}
Stayed at a hotel near Reading yesterday that seemed to double up as a BMW/MINI showroom - corporate event I guess. Anyhow.

They had parked in their lobby the new X6. It is absolutely hideous!

Front looks like an X3/X5, interior is just the same as every 3-5-6-x3-x5 you've ever seen but the back end of it a a complete mess. The angle it descends into the bumper is very sharp indeed and gives it the most weird proportions. I was driving back up the M6 when I passed a Ssangyong Rodius. Imagine that without the glass bit at the back end and you've got the exact profile of the X6.

All the size of a SUV, without even an SUV's limited space...madness!

First view - Pugugly
I think it was a wind up, there is one design cue missing from that "photo" which rather proves its a nonsense, if you know your BMWs you'll spot it and it not the Halfords wheel trims.

This is more like it.

If you don't believe me have a look at this month's CAR Magazine - proper photos.

And dare I say far prettier and no doubt a better drive than the other German products in the same class.

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First view - Citroënian {P}
PU, no honest I did see it!

(apologies, I wasn't doing a private eye look-a-like thing, just thought people wouldn't necessarily know what a Rodius was...actually on here people probably do!

The X6 looks fairly OK in your picture but in the metal (for me) it just doesn't add up and is very awkward looking. If one thinks of the way the Merc CLS swoops downward and has a tiny rear passenger window, this is a more extreme version of the same thing but starting from a much higher point. It makes the back end look very fat too.

Maybe they're making a point on the backend a la Avantime/Megane, suspect this will be a very "Marmite" car...
First view - Tornadorot
It does seem a bit pointless. After all, if you were in the market for a big, fast BMW, what's wrong with the 6-series? About the same price and probably more room inside as well :-)
First view - MikeTorque
Not only hideous but also a complete waste of time to even develop and build the thing. No doubt some sad so and so will buy one !
First view - Pugugly
Not my type of car - saving my pennies for a next generation M5 - now that's a real car.
First view - midlifecrisis
I'm all for live and let live.......but even I'm scratching my head. Autocar have said that the entire first years production is sold out. BMW must be laughing all the way to the bank. I'm just laughing.
First view - Pugugly
The corner stone of capitalism - I bet Rover wished they'd thought of making one.
First view - Garethj
There's a photo on Pistonheads with a Golf parked next to an X6, the Golf is about a third narrower. Parking in multi-storey carparks will be a hoot, as will driving down suburban roads with cars parked down both sides.....

I love "go anywhere" vehicles, just a shame that some of them can't go down normal roads.

I've also heard that they've nearly sold out of the first year's UK allocation so they've found enough people who want one. When all's said and done, that's the job of a manufacturer - to sell all they make.
First view - Bill Payer
I've also heard that they've nearly sold out of the first year's UK allocation so
they've found enough people who want one. When all's said and done that's the job
of a manufacturer - to sell all they make.

Perhaps they under-estimated demand? Selling in the UK is very profitable for BMW - even allowing for taxes, the X6 35i is a good £10K dearer in the UK than it is in the US, so you would think they'd be keen to get as many X6's as possible into the UK.
First view - Bagpuss
I've seen a number of X6s now. I like BMWs and have even got used to the urban tractor X3 and X5 models. The X6, however, is astonishingly hideous. It reminds me of a scaled up radio controlled car in that the lower part of the car, particularly the wheels, seems to be too big relative to the upper part. Looking inside it also appears to have no headroom in the back. However, it is very big and very shiny and with those enormous wheels will doubtless sell very well to the gangsta contingent.
First view - davecooper
Sorry, I know this will attract some comments but most of the current BMW's look awkward.
Styling is not one of their current forte's. Why! oh! why! don't they get an Italian in? An Alfa 159 is a hundred times better looking that a 3 series, a Fiat Bravo about 1000 times better looking than a 1 series and don't get me started on the X3. Only my opinion so don't take it too personally all you Beemer drivers.
First view - Shaz {p}
No doubt the X6 will sell in huge numbers.

The Ssangyong Rodius on the other hand, has moved the goal posts fpr the term Ugly , but in a strange sort of way I quite like it. Its a people mover / bus, (and an honest one at that) nothing more nothing less. I think you can get it in 9 or 10 seats in some countries.

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First view - Pugugly
Popped to a friendly BMW dealer today at lunchtime - they had one there. Lots of presence, certainly not looks for the feinthearted ! However it moves the game on. Maybe not as stylish as a Range Rover Sport but no doubt this will be properly made car and everything will work as expected !

Prettier than the equivalent Porsche or Audi. Looks like they've put the i-drive on the correct side of the tunnel !

I'd never be in the market for a car in this class, but I have to say that the 5 litre V8 penned for next year looks a peach and will tear the backside out of most sports saloons !

I like on the whole - being in it was more memorable than being in the XKF I drove (and forgot) a few weeks ago - I know that they're no where near the same market.

A technological tour de force and a car that will drive properly and sound right with that V8.

It's not for me but will sell to a certain type.
First view - drivewell
Saw my first X6 today - I don't get it; (but there again, I wouldn't be getting one anyway!)
First view - MikeTorque
No doubt the X6 will sell in huge numbers.

I doubt it, prices start at £41,965 !
Besides it looks like a Ford Focus - ouch !

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First view - zm
I can't understand why BMW have focused on building this model, when surely what they should be doing is a 'Merc CLS' based on the 5 series.
First view - boxsterboy
I agree zm. Bad timing by BMW as the bottom drops out of the SUV market all around the world.
First view - Brian Tryzers
Maybe so, BB, but I suspect closer scrutiny will reveal that the sub-market with the missing bottom will be that for the SUV-as-family-transport; those that are pure look-at-me statements for those with more money than taste - which include the RR Sport and all the BMW Xs - will probably continue almost as before
First view - Hamsafar
Maybe they will drop the terrible X3 and hope the few customers who would buy those would buy this plus additional ones?
Big Foot BMW - krs one
I was driving along yesterday when I saw a huge vehicle coming towards me, at first I assumed it was Big Foot, the celebrity monster truck.
As it got closer I noticed it had the familiar Hitler's moustache grill, that was when I realised it was the new BMW X6.
Cripes, what a monster.
I may be wrong but I do not predict this to be a big seller.
Big Foot BMW - L'escargot
....... it had the familiar Hitler's moustache grill ..........

That's a bit sinister, seeing as how it's a German car.
Big Foot BMW - oilrag
It seems more like Ernie, from Morcambe and Wise. Allegedly the best car grill interpretation of his specs in Western Europe.

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Big Foot BMW - ijws15
It has the fashionable badge so it will sell and it will be used mainly on the motorway and the school run!

Time they took the cap off the BIK tax.
Big Foot BMW - mss1tw

That is revolting
Big Foot BMW - rogue-trooper
I may be wrong but I do not predict this to be a big seller.

Believe that the first allocation for the UK has already sold and that there is currently a 6 month wait.
Big Foot BMW - krs one
That is suprising.

I'm not anti BMW but this looked so big and out of place is was unreal.

Do you need an HGV licence to drive one?
Big Foot BMW - Citroënian {P}
I was griping about how ungainly this is in another thread - I'm sure it's a very capable vehicle but it has been viciously assaulted by an ugly stick. imho
Big Foot BMW - krs one
I hadn't seen the car before yesterday.

A very odd fish indeed.
Big Foot BMW - DP
Not seen one of these, but it can't be more terrifying than the Audi Q7, surely.

I was tailgated by one of these the other day, and apart from the bonnet being almost at the S60's roof level, I thought I was going to be ingested and spat out by that gaping grille. A bit like one of those Dodge Ram pickups, but without the comedy value.

But something deep within me caused me to find myself begrudgingly admiring it, once I'd moved out of its path and was reasonably sure it wasn't going to eat me. It's just so gloriously politically incorrect.

Big Foot BMW - jbif
Audi Q7

These share a trait with the AudiTT - most of them that I have seen are driven by women.

Big Foot BMW - Optimist
Yeah. Mostly the drivers of the kubelwagen styles are blonde women in designer shades.

Old joke. Mum on school run in urban tank is asked if she's ever had an accident in it. "How would I know?" she replies.
Big Foot BMW - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Last weeks Autocar had an interesting article about how some of the current Chris Bangle BMW house style evolved. Basically a fabric body stretched over a wire frame to give those distinct creases on the flanks.
Everyone berated the style -saying they looked ugly, predented , no one in their right mind likes them etc. etc..

BMW sales increased 40% under his charge.
Big Foot BMW - Brit_in_Germany

image 13

original link replaced with a direct link to the photo in question

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Big Foot BMW - krs one
I like the BMW styling at present esp. the 1 and 5 series and mostly the Z4 coupe.
Big Foot BMW - Citroënian {P}
Yes, I do like the Z4 and the 6 would be a beautiful car were it not for the boot sitting squarely above the sloping 911 rear quarter.

The Q7 though, whoof. That is one ugly, ugly car.

Come to think of it, has anyone got the big car right? The Range Rover has a certain dignity to it, but the RR Sport, Cayenne, Toureg, Q7 - not great. I guess the XC90 has a certain functional elegance to it.
Big Foot BMW - Group B
X6 will probably be more popular than the little known late '70s off-road 3-series concept:

Big Foot BMW - bazza
Would seem to be exactly the wrong car at the wrong time from BMW. They launch this just when fuel prices go through the roof, road tax changes favour the opposite and sales of the SUV are falling through the floor, particularly in the US where I guess its main market will be. Couldn't they see this coming?! The writing's been on the wall a good while.
Incidentally, flicking though What Car?,BMW have managed some pretty amazing official consumption figures for most of their range, especially diesels, , are they just good at getting through the tests with tweaked engines or does anyone actually achieve comparable figures? Just wondering.....
Big Foot BMW - DP
BMW engines are incredibly efficient. A mate has an 08 reg 320d with the 177 bhp engine and Efficient Dynamics. He has to thrash it to get it below 50 mpg, and it will actually nudge 60 if driven gently.

A neighbour has an E46 330i manual, and that consistently returns 28-30 mpg Not bad for a 230 bhp car.

BMW X6 - Big Bad Dave
Saw my first X6 today in a shopping Mall car park.

Wow, what a wonderful-looking, stonking piece of motor. Awesome.

Never seen an SUV before that's made me want one, nor a BMW for that matter.

Fantastic. That's the 4WD crossed off the list for my dream garage.
BMW X6 - Pugugly
Just reminded me - I have a photo of an X6 parked next to my Roomie - It's a big car alright - not to my taste. The test on 5th Gear was pretty good though. The one I saw had the 3.0 diesel engine, pretty good I would say.
BMW X6 - Berisford

I know this is an old thread but, after being forced to gaze at one today whilst the owner just blocked the road off for two minutes whilst he got his newspaper instead of walking 50 yds, I just had to!

Apart from the odd one or two chav scratchcard winners, who in their right mind would spend large amounts of cash on this hideous thing?

Or have I answered my own question, are they all driven by scratchcard winners?

BMW X6 - Armstrong Sid
who in their right mind would spend large amounts of cash on this hideous thing?

You may be right about the "cash" bit

I get the impression that most of them are driven by builders/plasterers and people who have their own 'business' of some sort


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