2003 1.8 Trip computer won't show miles - stackman
My 2003 Laguna 1.8 16v recently had the gearbox replaced as a result of differential failure. During the repair the battery was disconnected so I had to re-code the radio. (No problem)

However the digital odometer and trip computer will now only indicate metric units, so my 110,000 mile car now has 177,000km, my economy is measured in litres per hundred km etc.

Does anyone know if it can be reset without resort to a Renault dealer ?

Also I have noticed that the rev counter is now reading high. Before at 70mph it would show less than 3000 rpm, now it shows nearer to 4000. I know it's the rev counter that's faulty as before the car would only reluctantly accelerate to the red line, now you can take it to the end of the clock and still be accelerating.

None of this stops me using the car, it's just really frustrating !
2003 1.8 Trip computer won't show miles - Peter D
It sounds like the coding has been lost and the correction maps cleared. You can try a disconnect for 15 mins and a clean reconnect but the car may need to be recoded at an dealership or an indi who can access your original mapping from Renault. Regards Peter
2003 1.8 Trip computer won't show miles - Leon22
I have the same problem on my 2004 1.9 DCi. One day I started the car and the display on the trip computer read kilometres rather than miles.
My local Renault dealer claim it is a fault with the dash and the only way to fix it is to replace the display for £400!!!!
Has anybody else got a cure for this problem? It doesn't effect driving the car, but it's going to be a pain when I come to sell it.
Will disconnecting the battery really cure it?
2003 1.8 Trip computer won't show miles - DP
This probably won't work, but it costs nowt and is worth a try. It's the procedure we used on the Scenic to toggle the digital speedo and fuel computer / odometer between metric and imperial.

Unlock the car

Put the keycard into the slot.

Press and hold the "up" arrow button on the end of the trip computer stalk.

Press and hold the Start/Stop button without touching either the clutch or brake pedal.

After about 7-8 seconds, the display starts flashing

After a few more seconds, the units switch from metric to imperial (or vice versa)

After a few more seconds, the display stops flashing.

Release both buttons.

Worth a try - this isn't documented anywhere for the Scenic either.

2003 1.8 Trip computer won't show miles - Leon22
Thanks for the idea, but a laguna has only one button for the trip computer. I did try it, but nothing happened.
It must be something like you suggest, it's just the kind of thing I might have accidentally done to cause the problem in the first place.
Anybody got any ideas?


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