00 1.4 Petrol - hiss when pressing the brake pedal - drew1103
When I push the brake pedal, I get a hissing noise from the passenger footwell. I have looked and there is a rubber / plastic washer, which when I look in the engine bay seems to go to the servo(?). Is this hissing a problem (a part from being very annoying)? If I tap the brake pedal slightly, the hissing goes off (eventually). I also seems to get louder when I change gear.

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2000 1.4 W reg 206 1.4 Petrol PUG - Screwloose

Sounds like your servo is starting to leak.
2000 1.4 W reg 206 1.4 Petrol PUG - drew1103
Cheers SCREWLOOSE, always look forward to you replies. Is it a serious problem (apart from the annoyance of the hissing) and can I fix the problem myself?
2000 1.4 W reg 206 1.4 Petrol PUG - Saltrampen
Friend of mine had this in a 206, although it was a high pitched sound to start with. Servo leaking as Screwloose said. Whole servo had to be replaced. If it gets bad, I guess the brakes will feel very stiff.
2000 1.4 W reg 206 1.4 Petrol PUG - Screwloose

It will steadily get worse until you only have one push of assistance. The air leak could affect the engine too.

Not too bad a job to do yourself. Book time is 40 minutes, so allow a couple of hours.
2000 1.4 W reg 206 1.4 Petrol PUG - Peter D
Change it soon as the leak on use is the diaphragm split and it can tear causing a complete assistance failure and you will need both feet to stop the car. If this happens in an emergency it could double your stopping distance. Regards Peter
2000 1.4 W reg 206 1.4 Petrol PUG - moulder
had this on the wifes 306 and it was the servo

The servo was non serviceable and the replacement was only available from Peugeot. Cost was circa £70 for the part.

Some pug servos are available aftermarket though so worth a check with someone like gsf.


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