2003 1.9 JTD Diesel - Brake Light Issue - kinstray
I have just bought a 1.9 JTD Fiat Doblo and everything thing is in great condition except for a baffling technical problem. I have just stripped all the brakes down and checked the pads. The sensors have been removed from the front pads. The fluid level was slightly high, but I took a little out to try and solve my problem.

The problem occurs when I do a hard right hand turn, my handbrake / hydraulic clutch light comes on, even without braking or using the clutch. After driving straight for a moment, the light will go off.

The brake fluid reservoir is shared with the hydraulic clutch, according to the hand book.

Any idea what is causing this???


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2003 1.9 JTD Diesel - Brake Light Issue - Another John H
FIAT handbrake lights usually come on like that when the fluid level is too low - are you sure the fluid level is still OK??

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2003 1.9 JTD Diesel - Brake Light Issue - kinstray
Yes, if anything there was too much fluid. I siphoned a bit off, but the same problem. Strange how it only comes on during a right hand turn and not a left.

Ordered the workshop manual. Will see what that light is connected too. Probably another sensor somewhere.

Thought it might be the remains of the break pad sensors dangling and earthing off the chassis. Still haven't found out where those are yet, probably snipped.
2003 1.9 JTD Diesel - Brake Light Issue - kinstray

Hello! Its been 2 and a half years since i posted this issue and still have no solution! Has anyone came across this before? Possibly a faulty brake fluid sensor?

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2003 1.9 JTD Diesel - Brake Light Issue - Diamond

Hi, I drive a Doblo works van and some time ago the brake warning light came on whilst driving along. I found it difficult to see the fluid through the reservoir housing so unscrewed the cap and the fluid was ok.

To cut a long story short, the fluid wasn't ok.

Now forgive me if you know this already, but at the time I didn't, there is a very fine mesh filter in the top of the reservoir, so fine in fact that when you pour fluid in it wont penetrate the mesh! At the time I thought the reservoir was full because of this!

Once the mesh was prised out it was very clear the fluid was very low so this was topped up and the light gone.

2003 1.9 JTD Diesel - Brake Light Issue - speedyxjs
Common fault with these. We have 2 doblo's and have had this problem. The mesh is too fine and blocks easily.

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