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Recommend a deep cushion child booster seat? - Mercian
I am looking for a suitable child booster seat with the deepest possible cushion to combat the car sickness bought on by the high, upwards sloping rear door shoulder/ window line of our car (5 series Touring). The current seat worked quite well in our V70 (with a nice flat window line and light interior) but not so well in the new car, exacerbated by a dark interior.

All the boosters I have looked at seem to have relatively shallow cushions, quite unsuited to providing a good view out the window for a 5 year old when latest generation car design tend to decrease visibility and a feeling of "openess" the further back in the car you go. And the seat doesn't settle very well when used in the centre rear seat position to try and provide better visibility, especially round corners!

Any recommendations gratefully received (there is an ISOFIX facility too on the rear outer seats) for something that provides a good deep cushion base . It seems to be something the manufacturers have overlooked from what have seen and other folks have said the same.

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