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Been investigating a new car-cover for my convertible which is long-term stored outdoors, and had some fabric samples in from covercraft.

Their mos texpensive fabric is called Weathershield, but looks incredibly thin and fine, and has tiny holes in it when you hold it up to the light.

it is nearly £100 more xpensive than their cheaper Naoh and Evolution fabrics.

The weatheshield blurb claims its breathable and water runs off like a ducks back, but as far as I can see it looks porous..... although yet to have tested it.

also looks like it will tear easily.

Does anyone have any experience with it and/or know how long it maintains its water-resistance ?

Is the resistance by virtue of the material/weave or is it treated with a proofing-agent that could potentially fade/wear off.
Does anyone have any experienc e of their Noah or Evolution fabrics ?

They are all subsatsntially more expensive than other covers.


Weathershield Fabric from Covercraft - Pica
The Moltex cover I have is very waterproof but it is only about 3 months old. I have seen puddles on parts of the cover after a good amount of rain and the car underneath has been totally dry. My last covercraft cover which had a much thinner feel to it (and was over a £100 more) would always allow water to seep through (This cover only lasted 18 months before the thin fleece lining started to disintergrate leaving a white dust over the paintwork. The fleece on the Moltex is much thicker
Weathershield Fabric from Covercraft - Surrey_Scientist

thanks for that

which variety of covecraft cover did you have ? they do 3 types of material.

Weathershield Fabric from Covercraft - Pica
I am unsure what the variety was as I bought it from the importer of my Mustang it cost me £290 and was quite thin. It was a custom one for the car so it had little pockets for the door mirrors and a slit for the aerial. The aerial slit started to tear after about 18 months.

With the Moltex there is no aerial slit or door mirror pockets but this is a plus because the door mirrors hold the cover away from the car and let the air circulate better.

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