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Since getting my new Focus company wheels a few months ago it has attracted more than its fair share of damage , all caused by other folks who didn't hang around to apologize and offer to pay for the repairs. Obviously they were in a hurry.
Within days of getting it , 2 minor dents appeared on the bonnet (looks like a cricket ball landed on it) , next , a 4 inch scratch on the rear quarter panel, then another scratch on the other side. Followed by a small dent on the nearside rear door and just yesterday a dent on the rear panel.
It's beginning to look a bit shabby and as I have to drive it for the next 3 yrs is it reasonable to expect my company to pay for repairs. Can it be claimed for on the insurance? I haven't spoken to anyone about it yet but would be interested in your opinions.
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What would you do if it was your own car?
Company car dents and dings... - rtj70
How they go about repairs depends on the size of fleet etc.

For us we self insure and so my cost centre would pick up the cost of any repairs like this. And the process is started by calling the fleet company for accident paperwork. This is then completed and has to be signed by my manager before I send it back to the fleet company to progress.

On my last car which had a few "dings" and scratches they agreed it could go back that way seeing as the rear doors were beginning to rust. But normally cars have to go back in fairly good condition for their age otherwise they charge this back to my company.
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Have a word with whoever is in charge of fleet car contracts. My company car lives in the street and once a year I go to the insurance-approved bodyshop with the accumulated dings and scratches and they give it the once over, all charged (quite properly and legally) to corporate insurance policy.
I had the boot open one evening last year and the car in front suddenly nudged mine - foot slipped on the clutch - and I banged my head on the bootlid! The front bumper area was scuffed, but mostly not from this shunt. We filled in the insurance paperwork but I thought better of making a claim and waited to do the annual "tidying up". The chances of proving damage, isolating one scuff from half a dozen others... and I wasn't going to try and claim everything from one guy's mistake
Do you park in your own garage? If you don't have one, make this clear to the company. It may affect insurance premiums. I dpn't think they can oblige you to have a garage, and if you don't they should take this into account.
Company car dents and dings... - krs one
Our company only has a smallish fleet ( maybe 20 vehicles) and the cars are owned by the company.
My last car's bodywork was unblemished when I returned it but was a nightmare mechanically. Last time I drove it was a 150 mile trip to head office , with only 2 gears. (2nd and 4th if you we're wondering)
Company car dents and dings... - Falkirk Bairn
To avoid dings and scrapes you need to start parking more carefully

1)Park away from the supermarket door
2) Park in an end space - reduces dings by 50%(think about it)
3) Look for the greedy beggars space - usually near the end where the space is bigger
4) Do not park @ Golf club, cricket club
5) Park in your drive /garage rather than the street............
6) Do not park next to bangers, MPVs, 4x4s, foreign number plated cars.........

Having done all that you will still get dings and dents
Company car dents and dings... - Saltrampen
to point 6) Add beat up Transits and battered white vans with no logos.

Also re parking in the street,

I have noted you get as many dents and scratches on the pavement side as you do on the road facing side.

to Point 4) Don't forget "the PUB", often small areas and some of those leaving pub are just below the limit.

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I was going to reply along almost exactly the same lines.... Usually it is the company car driver (& I'm one) who is in too much of a hurry or can't be bothered to park wisely.
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Most companies will not claim on their insurance unless they have to, due to spiralling fleet insurance costs. For the dinks and scrapes on cars, most company fleet managers will, in my experience ask for regular condition reports on the car throughout its time in your hands. Many will also ask to look over the car a month or so before it's due to go back to the lease company, and take a decision as to what damage needs to be put right to avoid incurring charges on its return. The bigger the fleet, the more the fleet companies tend to be "flexible" with regard to what they will accept back from their customers. As long as the car is safe to drive, and looks tidy enough from a few metres to avoid presenting a negative image of the company, you will probably be expected to drive it as is for the remainder of the lease period.

But all companies work differently of course.

Company car dents and dings... - krs one
Thanks for the suggestions. I guess it is almost inevitable that some damage will occur as I mostly work in factories or on site were parking (and sometimes intelligence) is limited. In the 7 yrs I've been with the company I haven't claimed on the insurance so this might go in my favour. The company owns all it's vehicles so it will be traded in at some point , presumably they would want it to be in good nick.
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I would think waiting until just before a car goes back to fix all scrapes is more cost effective. A panel might have a dent or two now and cost £x. In 2 years it might have a few more dents and still only cost £x.

When it comes to cars and dents and scratches though I found:

- After 4 years my VW Passat went back with no parking "dings" or scratches at all. Only mark on paint was there from when I got it (glue like) and it was (a) small and (b) didn't want to cause damage removing it. Dealer where it got dropped off removed it with his finger nail ;-)

- Within months of having the Mondeo (previous model) it had stone chip damage, light scratches and a few "dings". Worse again after 4 years. Also someone did key it. Around door handles there were swirls/scratches due to finger nails!

From this I deduced the VW had far better quality paint and did not dent as easily in car parks. So far the Mazda6 after 3ish months fairing okay.


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