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TDCi 130 Cutting Out - hal402
My wife has just got a new shape TDCi 130 Mondeo. Twice now it has lost power whilst she has been driving. Power goes for a couple of seconds, she dips the clutch and then lifts it and it starts. The phone drops the bluetooth connection suggesting an electrical power cut as well. Not sure if the electrics are cutting the engine or the other way round. I have searched the net and found a lot of people with power loss problems on TDCI 130 but all older cars. Is this the same engines in the new model? Has anyone else come across this? We are waiting for a dealer to look at it but I want to know if it is a bigger problem. If this happens on a bend or at speed then it could be deadly as the steering and brakes go as well. I know you can still use them but they are very hard and if you are not prepared then it could cause a crash.

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Diesel TDCi 130 Cutting Out - cheddar
Just to be clear if it is a new Mondeo and has a clutch it will be a TDCi 140, the auto is 130.

No it is not the same engine as the Mondeo III, that uses a chain cam engine also in the X-Type where as the Mondeo IV it is the same engine as the S-Max and new Galaxy and very similar to the Focus, C-Max, 307, 407, V50 etc so there are a lot of cars out there with this engine.

I assume the Mondeo IV has fly-by-wire throttle like the Mondeo III, if so application of the brake cuts the engine to idle and the cruise control is connected to the same circuit, cruise also needs to cut out when the clutch is dipped however a dipped clutch should not cut power to idle in the way that the brake does i.e. if it did you would not be able to pull away. The fact that all is well after the clutch is dipped could indicate an issue with this system.

However re the Bluetooth comment, it sounds like an eletrical fault to me, straight back to the dealer, borrow their car until it is fixed.

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Diesel TDCi 130 Cutting Out - hal402
The car went back to the Ford dealer. They plugged it in on the diagnostics and some faults came up but they could not trace them. They said that they could not trace the faults because as soon as the ignition is turned on next time the ECU tries to sort out any errors and so they can not trace it. The dealer spoke to the technical department of Ford who could not help but suggested next time it happens, the owner should not restart the car but coast to the side of the road and then call the RAC to tow it to a dealer.

The car started by us bump starting it while we still had forward motion via dipping the clutch. Not sure if the dipping of the clutch reset the system or if it would have restarted anyway.

The car is a manual and ordered as a 130 TDCI. Looking at the website maybe it is a 140.

The cruise control was not on either time. First time was in a village at about 30 and the next time coming into a roundabout. Could be related to the wiring as you suggest.
Diesel TDCi 130 Cutting Out - Carse

Do not accept Ford's suggestion that you allow the vehicle to stall and then call the RAC. A unpredictable stalling condition is very dangerous and could be fatal.

E.G you do not know when it will happen, could be on the motorway doing 70 etc...

Upon stalling you lose braking, assisted steering etc...

They are using you a guinea pigs to replicate the fault, get them to take the car in give you a replacement and let them do the dangerous testing to get to a conclusion

TDCi 130 Cutting Out - blondewivabrain
i have the same car as you and had this problem twice took it a diesel specialist , where they found my diesel pump had gone, also on this make there is a back up one too, fingers crossed for you that both havent gone as its an expensive job, ive had two fitted now as they tend to cause probs every 60,000 miles, another thing to check or have done when you have an oil an filter change is to have the gauze filter changed as ive just had an oil pressure problem which was due to this being clogged with debris. My car is used as a taxi which has high mileage now 198,000 but runs perfectly
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - J1mbo
An ECU has a memory (KAM), it should record any faults and hold them. I've never of these business of losing them while it "sorts itself out". How long have you had the car? You should concider rejecting it, if you are at all unhappy. I certainly would since the fault is dangerous and untraceable.

Many have had the "water in the diesel" excuse from the dealer to they could fob you off and next time you return, try to blame you for it.
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - drivewell

In reply to blondewivabrain:-

OP is for a Mondeo IV (latest shape) - are you talking about the previous Mondeo ? (2000-2007) If so, it's a different engine.

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TDCi 130 Cutting Out - DP
I hate the lawsuit culture, but you can make it work for you.

If they really are suggesting that you drive the car until this potentially dangerous fault reoccurs, say OK, but that you will need this in writing before taking the car away. If they ask why, just explain that if the fault reoccurs and causes an accident, you want a record of this conversation to help with the resulting legal action, and also for the second opinion you're going to get when you drive the car away.

Basically, when dealing with Ford dealers, you have to make it very clear that you're not going to be fobbed off, and that if you don't know what you're talking about, you know good people who do.

I loved my last two new Fords (company owned), but the dealers and Ford themselves would stop me spending my own money on one.

04 Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi Dynamique
00 Mondeo 1.8TD LX
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - Screwloose

You could well be on the right track with your thought of an electrical fault.

Power supply issues have one nasty characteristic - they don't leave codes to tell the bio-robots in the dealers what to change. Worse; this is a new model and a new [French] engine that they will be completely unfamiliar with.

If this happens again and they can't fix it - demand a replacement car.
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - cheddar
this is a new model and a new [French] engine that they will be completely unfamiliar with.

With respect Screwloose (because you are normally 100% spot on!) they have been fitting this engine to the C-Max for four years, the Focus for three and the S-Max and Galaxy for over a year. It is a Ford/PSA joint venture after all.

TDCi 130 Cutting Out - Screwloose

I thought the 140PS was an all-new version? Needless to say; I haven't worked on one yet.

As you must work for Ford; what are the exact differences between the PSA Hdi and Ford's one?
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - cheddar
I was not meaning to be critical Screwloose, as I say you are normally spot on, just wanted to provide clarification.

There are are marginal differences in claimed output for the 2.0 unit between the various cars it is fitted and there may be electronic and ancilliary differences though I understand it is basically identical but for perhaps ECU settings and I believe Ford, Volvo and Mazda use a different particulate system* than Peugeot and Citroen. The auto version in the Mondeo is quoted as 130ps and a lower torque peak I guess achieved by ECU settings. The 1.6 versions, 90 and 110ps, are both quoted as the same output by all who fit them.

*Hence rumours that the Ford 2.2 will be a variable vane single turbo as oposed to the Peugeot / Citroen twin turbo though with identical outputs.

PS: No I dont work for Ford!
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - hp4020
I own a Feb 07 build 2.0Tdci Galaxy and I am experiencing the exact same fault. Mine has cut out

When reversing off drive.
When turning into roundabout
When going over a speed bump
When driving straight.

As with yours, braking becomes difficult, electric dies, steering becomes very heavy. Noticed today that the battery light stays on for 10 - 15 minutes after.

I simply dip clutch, and turn off ignition and restart whilst in motion.

Dealer has upgraded software (remapped EMU ??)

Is there an inertia fuel cut off switch ??

I notice one or two others on the smax owners forum are making the same complaint, is it time for us to get our heads together with a joint letter to Ford UK.
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - ticton
I got a 2.0 TDCI mondeo in Dec.and it has lost power / engine cut out without warning lights or shuddering on about a dozen occasions when braking and moving down gears [ 2nd is the fav. ] usually to turn corners but the most recent was going straight at approx 30 mph when with no warning car lost all power thus rendering steering,brakes etc useless.
Engine will restart almost instantly upon turning key which is bit of good luck as my family and i almost ended up in middle of roundabout on one occassion,anyway dealer could not find fault showing up on diagnostic tests nor test drives trying to recreate fault and finger of blame was being pointed at my honesty & driving skills as if i would attempt to drive like Miss Daisy at 10/15 mph in 4/5th gear if in doubt blame driver not car seems to be motto [ thankfully from reading this forum that i now find out i am not alone with this problem and that whilst i am no Lewis Hamilton i am no Miss Daisy driver either]
If more and more of these problems are reported then hopefully Ford will take some action and stop using excuses such as cars are more complicated than before,its like looking for a needle in a haystack,its the supermarket fuel,its your driving,etc,etc.
For the record i returned car to dealers 2 weeks ago and i refused to take it back or to be used as guinea pig to see if fault reoccurs and i reordered new car which i am now reconsidering as i thought my car was a one off fault/unlucky car and that it wouldn't happen again but now i am not so sure.

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TDCi 130 Cutting Out - hp4020

Dealer had mine for four days. A ford Techincian ( I thought they all were Ford technicians) visited the dealership and installed a fix that was released on Fri 15th Feb. Got it back last week and to date no cut outs, and mpg (via computer) has improved by 4mpg
TDCi 130 Cutting Out - ticton
hi hp4020,
i'm glad to hear that it now seems ford have admited problem instead of blaming driver,fuel,etc and now seem to have sorted it....hopefully.
i am awaiting delivery of another mondeo and i hope that this is the end of the cutting out fault and that i can look forward to many miles of hassle free driving in my mondeo which this problem apart is some car to drive.

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