2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - james g
I have serious concern about ordering athe new 2008 Mazda6 2.0 diesel. My dealer says the new 2008 model will be available with the same 2.0 MZR-CD diesel unit as my existing Mazda6.

Yet I read on this website that there are serious problems with this engine.... to quote from a fleet manager who posted the article
"In my experience of a fleet of them; nearly all Mazda common-rails will eventually come to a sticky end. Avoid like the plague. This issue continues on...


Can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether the Mazda 6 uses the Ford Mondeo design common rail diesel. Decision time; to order... or avoid like the plague?


[The only issue I have with my existing Mazda 6 is the over rated poor sounding Bose Sound System/6cd player. I've heard better from a wind-up gramaphone. I hope Mazda drop this on their new model]

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Mazda 6 2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - rtj70
To answer your questions...

1. Not sure how much Ford or Ford/PSA IPR in the Mazda6 diesel but the new one is meant to be the same albeit more fuel efficient and therefore emitting less CO2.

2. If you do not rate the Bose Sound System then it's likely to disappoint again. They call this their modular sound system and variants in other models. The facia may change but I believe the insides the same.

What I cannot understand is how you are ready to order a car you've never sat in let alone driven. Full reviews are due to hit print soon including HJ's I think. But this car is different and I'd want to drive it first - what if the seats were not comfortable or it was slightly too wide or something.

P.S. I think you're a little harsh comparing the sound system with a gramaphone - mine sounds very good. Maybe yours is faulty. Also you do realise the stereo can be replaced with a standard DIN one although with some effort...
Mazda 6 2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - james g
Thanks rtj.
Car change time comes with the 08 registrations, which gives time to decide which cars to view /sit in /test drive / price up.

Since I'm decided on a diesel there seemed no point in going through the process with Mazda if they are still using the same rogue engine for their new 2008 Mazda 6.
That was my enquiry.

On the other hand if Mazda has solved the problem of-

"...failed high-pressure [Denso] pumps and serious lubrication issues leading to total engine failure.." [to quote a fleet manager]

then they are excellent value. But when I read elsewhere on this site about the level of failure and-

"Second-hand engines [there are two versions] are in huge demand and cost over £5000 - even with 50K on them."
It did set alarm bells ringing.


2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - Altea Ego
I have serious concern about ordering athe new 2008 Mazda6 2.0 diesel.

Its very simple. if you have concerns dont order one. why do you want it? stick with the petrol.
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2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - mikej
The 6CD Bose system in my 2005 Mazda 6 TS2 sounds fantastic - a far better sounding OEM stereo than in any other car I've been in or driven.

I've currently got my iPod hooked up to it via the Sat Nav socket and it sounds great - a nice full and weighty sound.
2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - spikeyhead {p}
I've only ever heard one wind up gramophone but its sound clarity was stunning.

A little too crackly, but that was down to the record, not the reproduction device.
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2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - james g
The CD player is excellent. VHF reception less so.

I got used to reception that seamlessly locked into the strongest transmitter as the car moved in and out of range, which happens every few miles in the Peak District.

The Bose system suffers sound clipping as signal strength level fades in and out. Hence my gramophone comment, which was perhaps a bit harsh.
2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - skaramanga
What did you use for connecting your ipod to the Bose head unit? I'm wondering how to do that for mine.

2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - stoo101
Hi mikej

I've just picked up a 2005 Mazda 6 TS2 and was wondering how you managed to hook up your iPod?

There seem to be several options out there but I can't get confirmation about whether they work with the 6CD Bose stereo.

2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - gwynnej3
I did 56k miles in a 2006 143 TS2 diesel, the engine was OK though it didn't *sound* like it was going to last forever. It had an annoying intermittent hesitation at 2000RPM though which Mazda denied the existence of, never cured it, it just came and went.

I loathed the Bose stereo, it couldn't compete with the tyre noise on the motorway (neither could the 'plip' noise of the indicators). The increments on the volume control were too large - 9 too quiet, 10 too loud. The heater was poor, the demister used to fog up the windscreen in the winter, the headlights were dangerously dim, the 2nd gear syncro very weak, you had to be very careful not to crunch it.

The trip computer was designed by a moron (litres per 100 miles?!?) and it was either that or the clock, not both. The clock did not keep time, lost about a minute in two weeks.

Servicing was quite expensive - the first service eye-wateringly so. And it depreciated £12k in two years. Not a cheap car to own.

But it did go well, was quite good on fuel about 41MPG over my 56k. The estate held masses of stuff. And it never went wrong, but I wasn't going to wait for the warranty to run out to find out for how long.

2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - Ventora
I was thinking of buying a diesel hatchback over the 1.8 Petrol, only five hundred pound more.
Thought I would pay a visit to the service dept, ask about service costs over 5years. Good job I was leaning on the counter

12months service £351.00 1.8 Petrol £169.00
24month £236.00 £219.00
36month £289.00 £195.00
48month £286.00 £225.00
60month £227.00 missed this one
72month £785.00 £269.00
New cambelt required at 72month This is a chain drive camshaft

I was told the reason the 12month service on the diesel was expensive was because they do a lot of work on the engine, injectors or something.

Having said that of course most diesel engines are around a £1000 more than the petrol, so at the end of the first 12months after the service you still have around £150 to put towards your 24month service + the savings you have made on car tax and fuel.

Of course Volkswagens need a new cambelt at 4 years or 60,000 miles at around £50 at todays prices. Until the middle of the year up to the Jetta £200 at purchase gets you 3years service.

Thing is the Mazda 6 on price competes very well with the Golf and undercuts the Passat its competitor.

2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - galwaytt
Well +1 on the never-again Mazda diesel...........88k miles, fsh, and it's just gone belly up in our MPV. Cost to repair currently.........about 5k - in other words, the cost of the vehicle.

Oh, did I mention that he Dual Mass Flywheel is toast, too, at 487+VAT
2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - Screwloose

Was it the usual oil pressure problem? What did the dealer postulate as the cause?
2008 - Turbo Diesel engine problems - craig-pd130
Last week's AutoExpress magazine had a group test of new 6 vs. new Citroen C5 vs. new Mondeo, it's probably on their website by now.

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