Insurance Haggling - DieselBoy
I've just had my renewal through for my insurance:

30 yrs old
Peugeot 406 HDi (declared as chipped)
11 yrs no claims (protected)
1 fault claim in last 5 years, no convictions
Wife as named driver, 27 yrs old
2 non fault claims in last 5 years, no convictions
Kept on driveway in 'L' postcode, 12,000 miles pa.

£554! An increase from the £450 odd I paid last year.

Anyway, I've just been on the phone having a serious moan, and then price is £427 with the same excess etc.

Just goes to show, don't accept the first price!
Insurance Haggling - bathtub tom
I had a similar experience, but when the price came down I asked if the cover would remain the same. They became a little, err, cagey. I asked for a copy of the policy so I could compare it with what I already had. They replied 'that offer is only for today'.
I changed insurance companies.
Insurance Haggling - Armitage Shanks {p}
I went to a price check website last year and found that my present insurer was offering cover for £x. When I got my renewal notice from them it was for £x + 60. I phoned and got a lot of waffle but got renewal at the lower price. Due again in 3 weeks and waiting to see what happens this year!
Insurance Haggling - DrS
In my experience, everything is negotiable.
Insurance Haggling - MGspannerman
definitely a case for or I suggest. MoreThan nudged me from £350 to £400 and then tried it on again at £450, I went to a comparison site and saved £230! Now I price check every year without fail for all our cars.

Insurance Haggling - Happy Blue!
I use a broker and they never fail to be cheaper than the cheapest online quote. That is possibily becuase there are three drivers for the car and we all need business use.
Insurance Haggling - gordonbennet
IMO with insurance i am a firm believer in cheapest is not always best, that goes for home as well as car and the times i have claimed though very few (touching lots of wood here), i've been glad to be with a very small mutual company whose office is 10 miles away and the staff of whom are very pleasant, and wouldn't dream of trying to stitch you up on a legitimate claim.

So i for one won't be haggling the very reasonable renewals as they arrive.

I suppose they can be reasonable as they don't pay any celebs down to their last few £mil to advertise em.
Insurance Haggling - Vansboy
Check out follow the hints n tips there!

A friendly site, well worth checking out!

Insurance Haggling - 659FBE
I have had very competitive quotes from Tesco and good service - but have not had a claim, which is always the acid test.

My renewal came up with a slight increase in price. I entered the same details using their website and obtained a quote for less than the previous year's premium. Needless to say, I took it.

There was then a little bit of wrangling over the proof on NCD - it seems they don't talk to themselves. It was resolved reasonably quickly in the end though. The "real person" on the 'phone said that most people just renewed. That says it all.

Insurance Haggling - rtj70
My wife is with MoreThan and has had to claim twice due to others running into here. Cannot fault the service etc. Very good.

But couple years ago renewal went up... online with MoreThan a big saving. Phoned and they said they could not match so go with the online quote which we did for a decent saving. Same company and service only cheaper.
Insurance Haggling - DieselBoy
I should have mentioned that this is all through Adrian Flux insurance (have been happy with their service for the last five or so years).

Having a chipped car narrows the oprions somewhat......

Value my car