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Hi guys,

I need to change my front discs and pads on a vectra 1.8 LS (03).

Was gonna have it done locally but after having the car serviced at erm... a well known independent garage and them greasing but not tightening a loose drivers door hinge, I have lost confidence and the main dealers charge too much.

I know that you have to be careful not to damage the brake fluid pipes on the callipers and that you need to be careful that the fluid doesn't overflow when you put new pads in and that you have to pump the brake after each side. Have watched someone do it on other cars in the past but im scared something will go wrong. Is there anything I need to watch out for and are there any awkward/stubborn nuts and or bolts. If anyone could provide a simple step by step I would be really grateful as there isn't a haynes manual for this car yet. And before anyone asks, yes, I am a (weekend mechanic) !!!! ha ha.
03 1.8 petrol; brake discs and pads - Dynamic Dave
The important bit to remember when pushing the pistons back in, is to slacken off the bleed nipples to prevent returning fluid from flipping the rubber seals in the master cylinder.

Not sure if the LS model has a brake pad warning light (I suspect not) but if it has and it's come on, you'll also need to change the wear sensors.

The following HOW2 on vectra-c.com should guide you through the rest of the operation. (not sure if you have to be a member to view or not?)


The how2 mentions having to wind the pistons back in the calipers. I *think* that only applies to the rear brakes. The discussion on the how2 talks about this.


03 1.8 petrol; brake discs and pads - Dynamic Dave
Oops! That how2 only tells you "how to" change the pads.

Apart from needing a 7mm allen key to remove the pads, you'll also need a large torx bit (female, not sure of size) to remove the other part of the caliper from the hub assembly. You'll also need another allen key or torx bit (again, not sure what size) to undo the disc from the hub.

Picture of caliper:-

Might be worth your while looking around vectra-c.com before you start for some other pointers.

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