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Hi all first time on here i am not sure if I have a problem but when I blip the key fob to lock the doors the central locking works but I don't see the indicators flash and the dash light does not show but when I unlock the doors the indicators flash as they should what I would like to know is is the alarm on or not Thanks Neil o
(p.s how do you remove the gear lever knob )
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And the car is?

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alarm problem - neilo575
Sorry forgot to say it's a peugeot 306 {edited in - DD}

thanks neil
alarm problem - L'escargot
is is the alarm on or not

It might be worth trying opening the boot (and/or bonnet if applicable) using a key (not the remote) to see whether it sets off the alarm.
alarm problem - thomp1983
lights don't flash when the car is locked, only when opened, or will flash once when deadlocked if you have that feature.

gearknob depends, earlier models just pull off, later ones need a 90 degree twist and then pull

alarm problem - neilo575
Thanks for the replies Chris, so it is working then I guess what's throwing me is that the light on the dash is not coming on (it does work I have checked the light out)

Thanks again Neil.o
alarm problem - ChrisMo
lights don't flash when the car is locked only when opened or will flash once
when deadlocked if you have that feature.

Mine do. They flash when locking, flash again when deadlocking. This is on a 1999V.
alarm problem - thomp1983
thinking about it i suspect it may have been changed at somepoint through the models as remember my x reg basic diesel woul flash when locked and unlocked, but the m reg i have outside now definately only flashes when locked and deadlocked, just locking the doors gives no lights.

might be possible it changed when the fobs went to rf from ir

alarm problem - neilo575
Just checked the system out it does flash on the dash board when deadlocked main problem with the car now is the famous 306 central locking playing up so that to do suss out thanks for your help
Neil .o
alarm problem - thomp1983
more than likely a broken wire in the door loom, nothing to difficult to fix just needs approching in a sensible manner



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