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Today I parked in the same street I,ve been parking in for 30 years. When I returned to the car every car in the row had a parking ticket. Apparently this weekend this area became a disabled parking area . There is now a sign as u enter the street (very busy junction with 3 crossings in seaside town center) and at the other end (not much point as its 1 way) but no sign at the side of the road or markings on the road. Is this legal? Even the staff from the shop I parked outside did not know this or all the unsuspecting people queing to take the spaces as soon as one victim drives off. The traffic warden obviously realises this and was just walking up and down the road ticketing everyone. If there had been a sign at the side (as with permits) I would have seen it. I expect to pay because lifes like that but if this is not 100% legal then I will argue my case. hope this does not appear twice as I posted into cyberspace earlier.

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Put appeal + Parking ticket into google and you will get lots of help. Top site is

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Maybe the warden has been jumpring the gun to get his fiqures up. The apparent lack of knowledge by the local shopkeepers looks as if the Traffic Regulation Order has not been advertised ? (proposed order attached to lamp posts of the area involved.)

Any Traffic Order mentioning a restriction/prohibition has to be signed in accordance with Traffic Signs and General Directions 2002 and to that ends they have done this with Sign 661a ( rectangular sign with blue 'P'' over blue wheelchair and legend 'Disabled Badge holders only - the second sign to show the extremeties of the order. Requirement under TSGD (Reg 11) is that if it is of any length repeater signs required.

There is some argument as to whether in these cases that the road should me marked with dotted bay markings with the word 'DISABLED' at the side. Again their absence may mean hasty Order in that signs can quickly be erected buy white lining generally is contracted out and takes time to arrange.

If it was me in this case I would forthwith go to the LA to see/read the Traffic Regulation Order to confirm date it became operative, the extent (length) or road involved and what signing required.

From this it may be possible to mount an appeal if Order has discrepancies.


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Argue your case by all means but make sure you don't end up throwing good money after bad.
Parking ticket advice - Carl2
just looked on local council web site. Parking changes are listed for the roads around this road. No mention of changes to parking in this road although there is a reference to a pavement widening + tree planting is this road. I have been back to look for the sign that I missed. It is on a lampost against Barclays Bank,s side wall . I just assumed it was one of their many posters desplayed on the side of the bank (was driving at time). Phoned local paper who said "I`ve just put the phone down on an old lady complaining she`d been parking there for 20 years and did not realise it had changed. " Although I don`t expect any action the reporter said he`d look into it
Parking ticket advice - Carl2
Council have now clearly marked road surface as Disabled. They have said in two local papers that due to the "rocketing numbers" of penalty notices issued in this one stretch of road. They will now view all appeals favourably (this stretch only,prior to road marking). As I have already paid the notice I wonder if I,ve shot myself in the foot here. Have appealed and am now awaiting a response.
Parking ticket advice - Carl2
Charge now refunded. Thanks for the advice. I find it very reassuring to know I have access to the great wealth of knowledge on this (the best) site.
Parking ticket advice - Carl2
Read in the paper yesterday the group of "travellers" parked in the seafront carpark will not be issued with parking tickets because the council staff may be in danger and the police support this advice. Just sums up our society!
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And then a multi £ Bill to clear up their filth when they move on! It could only happen in our green and unpleasant land!

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