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At what level the oil pressure warning light comes up?

People say that coming of this light means already damage has been done to engine.
Is that true?

Do different cars set threshold pressure when this light comes out?

How much oil pressure should there be and what is the minimum limit (in psi, kPa or bar unit)?
Oil pressure warning light questions - Armitage Shanks {p}
1. Depends on the make of car

2. Perhaps or probably

3. Yes, the light will come on under differing circumstances

The light does not give a direct reading of pressure but 20 psi idling and 50+ psi when moving is about right SFAIK
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Ford oil pressure warning lights used to be 4 to 7psi.Most Fords in the past ran at about 40psi;pressure is not the most important thing-flow is.In fact very high pressures will indicate restriction/blockages.
Oil pressure warning light questions - movilogo
It's a tragedy that newer cars don't include this gauge! It doesn't cost much to fit oil pressure gauge and it can save lots of trouble later.
Oil pressure warning light questions - DP
I was quite excited to see an oil pressure gauge in our mk2 MX-5 when we bought it, but quickly discovered it was a fake. The gauge went to a set position (about 2/3 of travel) and never moved. It was a cost saving exercise from the mk1 which had a properly functioning pressure gauge. The mk2 had the same gauge, but clearly connected to a switch rather than a sender. In other words, no more informative than a bulb.

As for engine damage when the light comes on, my dad ran an old starship mileage (>200k) 2.0 Sierra with the Pinto engine which burned quite a lot of oil. Dad's reasonably high mileage and lax approach to checking / topping up meant every few weeks it would run low enough to cause the oil pressure light to come on on hills or under sharp braking, and he would never stop to top it up. At best it got done that evening when he got home, so it would flicker away for the remainder of the journey. When the dipstick came out, it would often have nothing registering at all, or at best, a couple of mill on the very bottom.

I reckon that engine had the oil pressure light on on average 10 times every fortnight for 2 years, and it still ran OK when he got rid of it.


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Oil pressure warning light questions - Ruperts Trooper
I recall that 7psi was the setting for the oil light but I guess it varies.

Competition cars, eg rally cars, have a switch set much higher - it does come on in "normal" use but the crew will be monitoring many other factors as well.
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DP you could always replace your £3.95 pressure switch with a proper £52.32 sender.

OP, If you see the oil pressure light come on, then it could be bad. If you see it wink with heavy braking or cornering, then take it as a loud warning of a low oil level.

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