1.9 DCi Renault Scenic - blown turbo - yorkshire jewel
I drive a 2002 1.9 dci scenic with 41000 on clock with full service history.
7 weeks ago the turbo blow up with no warning light etc, as discribed by other drivers it there was no way to stop it, key out of ignition didnt stop managed to stall it but not before smoke/noise frightened my 2 young children and dog. Motorplan warranty premium plan refuse to pay as they say it is my fault I must have known there was a problem. Any one else suffered sudden turbo blow up. Local Renault garage where I bought the car last October are not helpful. I realise I have a fight on my hands what is the Yellow OTS any advice appreciated?????,

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1.9 DCi Renault Scenic - blown turbo - geoff1248
I think you will find some useful info at this site:


It is a known problem and the Renault dealer will be well aware of it.

Regarding Motorplan, it is up to them to prove that you knew there was a fault NOT for you to prove you didn't.
1.9 DCi Renault Scenic - blown turbo - stevie1234
My turbo blew on 2.2 HDi engine last week, I was 400 metres from the main dealer who said it was OK to drive, I had gone there because I was concerned about a noise. I stalled my engine straight away as I was stationary at the time, but in the 3 or 4 seconds the engine ran on oil it was totally destroyed. It just goes to show these things cant be predicted, dont let the warranty people get away with it, I have been quoted best part of £8k to get it all repaired.
1.9 DCi Renault Scenic - blown turbo - Collos25
If you need to buy one there are some on ebay at reasonable prices also change the EGR valve.
1.9 DCi Renault Scenic - blown turbo - Xileno {P}
Assuming no damage to the engine then you will need a new turbo, EGR valve, intercooler, associated pipework and modified oil feed pipes to the turbo. Anything less than this is not doing the job properly.

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