Looking for a new car.Around 20k - Ford Dagenham

Iam looking to trade my trusty Ford Mondeo in soon.

I have a budget of £20,000

I have looked at the new style Mondeo Diesel in the press and wonder whether an audi would be better.

Iam looking to retire in the next year or so, After retirement it will be used to tow a mid sized caravan to the I.O.W about 6-8 times a year.
(iam not a mechanic)
Martin Winters
Looking for a new car.Around 20k - Brian Tryzers
Is an Audi better than a Mondeo? If you're trying to impress the shallow, yes; if you want to put people with their own legs in the back seat, no. You tow a caravan, so you're not too concerned with what other people think };---), in which case £20,000 seems like an awful lot of your own money to spend on a mere car.

Have you considered a Volvo V70? Less ubiquitous than a Mondeo, less showy than an Audi and more comfortable to sit in than either. Same applies to either of its saloon cousins if you don't need an estate. Plenty about, nice dealers - who might offer you a good price on the last of the old V70s, if they still have any.

Otherwise, make a list of vehicles that will pull your caravan and try a couple a week until you find one you like!
Looking for a new car.Around 20k - briers
RAV4 Diesel XT-R

Good towing ability, love the car, a change from what you have now if thats what you are looking for? But if you like saloons, the new mondeo is suppost to be absolutly amazing, i'd have it over the old a4 unless you care about the badge.

I'm sure the new A4 will be a stormer though.

Looking for a new car.Around 20k - Gromit {P}
Suggest you have a look at the Caravan Club's towcar of the year reports, when one appears with the new Mondeo featured in it.

The one I have on file is for 2003 (to match the age of car I'd be looking for): there are no Audis featured, but the TDCi Mondeo gets the thumbs up. The BMW 330d saloon and touring were recommended as best in class as family-sized car and estate respectivley. Both the Skoda Superb 2.5 TDI and VW Passat 4motion TDI estate also fared well, which bodes well for Audi.
Looking for a new car.Around 20k - briers
You could buy a golf GTI and ignore the fuel economy because once you un-hitch the caravan you could have lots of fun driving in the countryside in a GTI :D / Best car for 20k in terms of fun factor.

Just depends if you want a relax or go thrill seeking :)

Looking for a new car.Around 20k - wayne1980
without a shadow of a doubt look at the new honda civic cdti, for that money you will get a lot of car. if you not afraid to, hae a wee gander at the new type-R too. you wont be dissappointed!
Looking for a new car.Around 20k - Ford Dagenham

Sorry i have taken so long to reply.

I think i will wait a couple of months for the new batch of mondeo's to appear.

They look rather inspiring and have such high equipment levels.

What spec would i have for my budget. Remember its comfort first power second.
(iam not a mechanic)
Martin Winters
Looking for a new car.Around 20k - The Purifier
How about a Volvo S60? I know the current model's due to be replaced this year but they are still a very nice car. If you wanted a brand new one it would have to be a 2.0TS. Still a very good standard spec actually and confortable and pretty good to drive. 2.0T might be a bit underpowered for towing though but fine for everyday use. I'd get a used one rather than brand new - I've seen a nice 2005 T5 on autotrader with 14k on the clock for £17k. Looks great in black. Just my opinion anyway
Looking for a new car.Around 20k - OldSkoOL
Good choice Martin, i think the new Mondeo will be a cracking car - on pre-tests they have said it is easily a better car than the more prestige brands with a nice quote saying, drivers of prestige brands will never know how much better the ford is because they care about the badge so much they would never test or buy one.

That shows how much car you will get for your money.

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