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Car choice (Corsa v Polo) & reliability - blondiebombshell
I am about to get my first car and the decision has come down to the VW Polo SE 1.4 with 5 doors and the Vauxhall Corsa Design 1.4 with 5 doors. I really like both of the cars but would appreciate the views of people who own them/ have experience of them.
In the magazines the Corsa seems to come out very well but its never directly compared with the Polo which makes it quite hard to decide. I am 22 so not exactly a teenager so whilst i dont want something thats really flashy, i still want an attractive car with a bit of sophistication. It would need to have plenty of ooomphh as i do like speed and it would be used to travel between essex and reading on motorways.
Any help from you experts out there would be great - i dont know much about cars other than what looks good appearance wise

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Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - mss1tw
It would need to have plenty
of ooomphh as i do like speed and it would be used to travel between
essex and reading on motorways.

You don't say what age but I would go for the Corsa - even the 1.2 16v is more than capable on the motorway based on personal experience.

I'd imagine the Polo will be nowhere near as nippy.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - y2k+4
Since it's your own money, i'd say get the Polo as it will hold its value significantly better than the Corsa. That said, if we are talking the new Corsa, it is arguably a better car than the Polo, and this may negate the financial investment.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - The Purifier
If it's the old Corsa your interested in I'd get a Polo. In my opinion the old Corsa was awful to drive - I think I would say it's the most boring car I've driven the steering is so numb and it rolls too much round the corners so you can't really push it too hard. But then I've heard the Polo's meant to be quite dull to drive too but at least it's a bit less common and in my opinion they look better. Why do you want a 5 door though? Three doors look better and faster!

If it's the new Corsa I'd probably get that it's meant to be quite a fun car to drive
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - mss1tw
it rolls too much round the corners so you can't really push it too hard.

Lots of those on the motorway, good point.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - The Purifier
Ok maybe I didn't read the post properly! But obviously there'd be occasions when it does have have to be driven round corners
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - mss1tw
Ok maybe I didn't read the post properly! But obviously there'd be occasions when it
does have have to be driven round corners

I have seen a Corsa take a corner before and come out the other side :-P

I seriously can't see a VW Polo being better than a Corsa round corners though! Although that is based purely on assumptions and having been in and driven a few Corsas. Have not done the same for Polo.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - The Purifier
Like you I haven't driven a Polo. To be honest I agree I think a Polo and an old Corsa would be about the same round corners. I just think the Polo looks a little classier, not that the Corsa's ugly, but I just think you see too many about.

New Corsa is apparently a different story with regards to handling - it's meant to handle quite well from what I've read, although as you pointed out, it won't be driven round too many corners on a motorway!
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - lakelad
If reliability is important, go for a Japanese model. Have a look at a Toyota Yaris. In the Auto Express survey of the 100 most popular cars; the Polo came 69th for reliability and the Corsa 79th. Just a thought - good hunting.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - Mapmaker
Your first car...

I really wouldn't fancy spending any time on a motorway in a Polo or a Corsa, let alone quite a lot of time between Reading & Essex.

If I were you, I'd change my approach completely. Go for something second hand (I don't know how long you've been driving, but most of us have done something not very nice to our first cars...). And go for something bigger. You may be surprised how low the insurance cost is for something bigger. Ford Focus diesel?
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - PoloGirl
You don't say what age you're looking at but I had a 1.4SE on a P reg (so ancient now) and he was very nippy! Compared to a Corsa of the same age, there is no competition - that Polo was a far better car and about as far away from bean can Corsa as you could get.

I've since had newer Corsas and Polos as courtesy cars. They've made the new Polo too big and heavy for the 1.4 engine so it's not as nippy as it was. It's still a better class of car, in my opinon, than the Corsa, but Corsas have come on leaps and bounds since the days of the first ones where the bumpers faded to white and the red paint faded to pink within a few years.

Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - blondiebombshell
whichever car i choose it would be new - and i am going for 5 doors because it annoys me when the driver or front passenger has to get out in order to let the rear passengers in or out.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - csgmart
Your first car...
I really wouldn't fancy spending any time on a motorway in a Polo or a
Corsa let alone quite a lot of time between Reading & Essex.

Well I do a 110 mile trip to work and back each day in a 1.4 P reg Polo and it's absolutely fine for the job. Obviously not as good as a Jaguar etc but certainly more than capable and comfortable.

Go for the Polo - the 'old' Corsa is rubbish.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - frazerjp
Whats wrong with the Ford Fiesta?
Very capable on the motorway, but i've heard the 1.4 Zetec engines arn't as robust as the 1.6 duretecs apparently.
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - Dynamic Dave
Go for the Polo - the 'old' Corsa is rubbish.

Depends which Corsa you're referring to. If it's the Corsa-B (1993 to 2000), then yes, I agree with you.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - Avant
The new Corsa is very popular with journalists and is What Car's 2007 Car of the Year. I haven't tried one but the new one ( NOT the old) is almost certainly more fun to drive than a Polo, whose basic design has been around for a few years now.

BUT the Polo will always hold its value better, not necessarily because it's a better car but because there are too many Vauxhalls (and Fords) about; oversupply drives the price down.

So it depends on your priorities! I know it's annoying when you want to choose between cars A and B and someone suggests car C - but it is possible to have both fun and low depreciation in one car - the Toyota Yaris 1.3. My elder daughter is on her second and has loved both hers. Try one (definitely the 1.3) before you finally make your mind up.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - Westpig
had a '55' plate polo 1.4 auto 2 months ago as a courtesy car.....was most pleasantly surprised with it.........wasn't the most gut thrustingly quick thing i've ever driven, but the driving experience wasn't that bad.. and that one was an auto.......was fairly well put together as well.

have never really been a Vx fan........can't speak for a Corsa but regularly drive most up to date Astras and i think they are awful..........full of cheap looking plastics and indicators with a mind of their own that keep turning themselves off

Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - tintin01
Mitsubishi Colt is very good value new - 3 door can be got for £6k - and nice to drive. I think Honest John's road test was positive. Tiny boot, but should be reliable.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - hxj

Well our latest Corsa Design 1.4 5 dr is a pretty impressive car - it also looks pretty. The interior is well above taht of the Astra.

The indicators are simply a learning process - light touch 4 or so flicks for changing lanes - heavy touch stays on - logically it makes a great deal of sense.

Took it to work on an 80 mile trip today - perfectly competent and capable on the Motorway, fast A roads, cross country and through town. It will never be a sports car, but it wasn't bought to be one!!

It has also had five chunky adults in it, a bit tight but it manages.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - barney100
Can't speak for the Corsa but SWMBO has a Polo bought new in Sept last year and it has been great. She got the maintainance programme for £15 a month too and so all her costs are amounting to fuel and insurance. Car feels good quality and tough as old boots.
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - stevied
If it's new: Corsa, and go for the 3 door if you're 22! : ) If it's 2nd hand, ie older than a year or so: Polo.

advice needed please - blondiebombshell
i am in the very lucky position of being able to have either a new VW Polo 1.4 SE or a new Vauxhall corsa 1.4 Design but have no idea about which to choose - one of the things that is really worrying me is the reliability of vauxhalls - especially the new corsa and was wondering if anyone had any experience of them or any other info that could help me - such as the reliability of vauxhalls in general - thank you for your help

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advice needed please - bell boy
why are you very lucky to have a polo or a corsa?
intrigued of yorkshire

advice needed please - Lud
Don't be unkind bb.

Choice of two new cars=very lucky to newish driver, not so?

Tell her (I assume she is a lady) which one you would have and why. That's what she needs.

I myself have no opinion. I am prejudiced against both cars, although I'm sure they've improved.
advice needed please - bell boy
ok lud
i wouldnt want either car blondiebombshell,i would rather buy s/h and not take a big hit on residuals
is that alright lud?

sorry debbie
advice needed please - DavidHM
To be fair, it might be a company car or someone offering a new car for her on the basis that new is better so she won't actually be the one getting the benefit of buying something cheaper and something more interesting isn't an option.

If it were my own money, I'd rate a Clio, Punto or Seat Ibiza over these two for value for money. (Punto and Ibiza being the same car underneath as the Corsa and Polo respectively, just made by different manufacturers and sold for less).
advice needed please - Dalglish
To be fair, ...

to be fair, she did ask the "polo v corsa" question a few days ago:
Car choice help please (Corsa v Polo) - blondiebombshell Tue 8 May 07 18:40

{Thread now merged with previous one asked - DD}

advice needed please - blondiebombshell
the reason i asked again is because i thought there might be some people on here who didnt see it before. i have just passed my test and the car is being purchased for me - the corsa and the polo seem to be the best two of the options i have seen - i'm just worried that the inside of the polo is boring but dont know much about the reliability of the new corsa - hence my asking on here - i know very little about cars- apart from what looks good and the corsa got Whatcar car of the year 2007
advice needed please - mike hannon
Did it really? Good heavens.
Maybe a Honda Jazz would suit you? A bit on the dear side but easy to drive, very economical, Honda reliability and residuals and ultra versatile/adaptable as well.
advice needed please - Vansboy
Hi Blondie, thanks for asking our opinions!

Out of those 2, you mention, you'll not have any real issues, regarding reliability - as with most NEW cars, you'll not going to come too unstuck.

VW build quality isn't what it once was & Vauxhall have some very well made vehicles, these days.

Move away from 'reliability' & you'll find Corsa better value for £$£$ new, with the Polq offering better resale value, when time to change. BUT...do your sums right & you might just find there won't be much in it, as long as you buy a reasonably well spec model (not entry level) & maintain it properly.

As previously mentioned, both cars have a cheaper option, from Fiat & Seat - same car - lower price ticket!!

I'd choose the Fiat out of all of them, 'cos they DO know how to make good small cars!!

& another BUT.... if you're new to driving, as we all once were, wouldn't a £3000 used model, be sensible, initally, then a new one, a year from now??

advice needed please - bristolmotorspeedway {P}
Hi Blondie, you will be unlucky to have problems with any new car. Despite their perceived reliability and quality advantage, owner surveys would seem to suggest that VWs are no better than average. Vauxhalls, on the whole, tend to fare a little worse, but I wouldn't say that is anything to worry about.

If you want assured reliability get a Honda Jazz, Mazda 2 or a Toyota Yaris. If you want a Polo or Corsa, don't let reliability be the deciding factor, because the likelihood of a breakdown or failure, albeit still slim, is probably similar for both.

As Vansboy suggests, if I was you I would think about getting something used, maybe a couple of years old. Should still be reliable, and you won't be so gutted when it gains its first battle scars. Then trade up in a year or two.
advice needed please - Kevin
Go and take a test drive whatever you do.

I haven't driven the Corsa but I was seriously unimpressed with the Polo courtesy car I had recently.

The clutch-grab made driving in town traffic a real pain. When I mentioned it to the service manager I was told that all three new Polos they had were the same.

advice needed please - Dalglish
the reason i asked again

iianm, for sure, your first time round thread was retitled to make it clearer what advice you were seeking. maybe you could have just bumped it up to remind people of opinions already expressed so that those could be challenged/clarified/added-to.

advice needed please - blondiebombshell
thank you everyone - your comments are very helpful
advice needed please - mal
If you test drive a Honda Jazz pay particular attention to the suspension. I love everything about Honda apart from the Jazz which we only had for a short time, the ride was terrible on anything but a smooth surface. If that does not put you off then you will have made the right decision as apart from the ride it is an excellent car.
advice needed please - Number_Cruncher
In answer to the rather narrow original question, there isn't a huge difference in the reliability of a Polo or a Corsa. They are both reasonably well designed cars, very many examples of which give excellent service. Of course, you can be unlucky, and get a bad example of any make or brand.

In order to make a choice, it may be helpful to consider a wider set of criteria. What else, other than reliability is important to you?

advice needed please - akr
No contest. Corsa every time. Particularly the new one which is universally praised by the Press, especially in 1.4 form. I have driven both and the Polo is just sooooo ordinary it's unbelievable. The interior quality isn't a patch on the Corsa either. Easiest decision you'll ever make if someone's buying it for you.
advice needed please - jase1
If reliability is your chief concern, and you do decide to go down the used route, might I suggest you take a look at the Hyundai Getz. OK, it's not a sexy car by any means, but it's a solid, reliable and well-proven design, and build quality wise it's generally the equal of anything else out there.

The reason I mention it, is that you can get a 2 year old example for very little money -- around the £3500-4000 mark or so. For this you'll be able to get a car that basically has only been run-in (maybe 15-20,000 miles), and will come with a warranty equal to the one you'll get on a new car from Ford/VW etc, as these cars have 5-year warranties from new.

I have personally recommended these to a number of people, three of whom bought one, and to the best of my knowledge all have been fault-free.

It's my personal opinion that the Getz is a nicer car to drive than the Polo and (old-shape) Corsa as well, both of which were ordinary at best in terms of driving dynamics. The Getz has a light clutch, excellent brakes, good visibility and a very sweet gearchange. Worth a look.
Car choice (Corsa v Polo) & reliability - Massao

I have owned Corsa B 1993 1.4 Swing for the last 21 years. The car is pretty economical, and very reliable. In the last 21 years, these are all the repairs, in addition to regular service items.

3 times timing belts replaced

2 times fan belts replaced

1 time radiator cap replaced

2 times back exhaust replaced

1 time calipers replaced

1 time plug cables and coil cable replaced

1 time hand brake wire replaced

1 time rotor replaced

1 time thermostat replaced

1 time lamdasonde replaced

1 time heating element in one front seat replaced

Notice that nothing needed to be done about the rust, shocks, suspension, wheel bearings, radiator, dynamo, steering, other electrical stuff etc.

There is some rust underneath the doors, but not on chassis, and the parts checked at EU Control/MOT

I am very interested in knowing from others if your car (regardless of manufacturer) has given you less, or more problems than Corsa b in similar time period?


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