Polo front lower suspension arm bushes - csgmart
I have been advised by my MOT man that my "offside and nearside lower suspension arm rear bushes" are tearing. Not an MOT failure but I think I should get these replaced soon. Car is a 1996 Polo 3 door.

My question - is this a DIY or garage job? Where are the bushes in question exactly? Unfortunately I don't YET have a Haynes manual - I am getting one just don't have it yet.

Polo front lower suspension arm bushes - colabora
Had the same thing pointed out on my daughters 1.4 se Polo (3 MOT's running) .They never appeared to get any worse and the car was MOT by the same guy !.
If you have the steering on full lock right and look behind the nearside front wheel towards the lower inner wing the lower suspension arm bushes are rubber ,dish like (something akin to small doughnuts) approx 2 inches or so in diameter, mounted in the inner end of the suspension arm (pressed in I think so not DIY as probably special tool required). On full left hand lock you can view the offside. The "tearing" described, I think, means that they are starting to come away at the edges from the metal of the arm.
As above my daughters showed these signs on the first MOT after she bought the car but on our MOT technicians advice we just kept an eye on them and they were never changed.
I would suggest that you do the same.If a knock developes then perhaps suspect these.
Hope that this explanation helps.
Polo front lower suspension arm bushes - csgmart
Great - many thanks - will keep an eye on them.

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