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Help - I've been stupid............I think !!!

I have a Vectra 2.2 (2004).After the waether finally "let-up" I attempted to do the rear pads on the car.Horrifed/lucky to find that I was almost on "metal to metal".tried,but couldn't get the piston to wind back.Started to rain so had to admit defeat. Put everything away EXCEPT for the alloy wheel lock key.I THINK I have left it on the wheel and drove off.Cannot find it anywhere.I AM fortunate that I do have the key number but strangely/convenviently the key itself is actually more expensive than a brand new FULL SET ?????

The problem being that the lead time for delivery is between 7-14 days.My brakes need addressed now. My key number was 115.Is there anyone out there that would allow me to borrow their key to get my wheels off.I will pay all th eP P and will throw in the lock nuts,once off,as spares.For peace of mind, I want to replace them with a new set,I just need to get mine off 1st. It isn't really practical for my car to be out of use for a length of time as I have a 5 year old attending Nursery quite a bit away

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

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Help - I've been stupid.... - Collos25
If you go to a good tyre shop they will have no difficulty whatsoever in removing the locks for a fee of course ,you could also do it yourself if you feel confident in entails hammering on a good quality socket that is just to small and using a long lever bar.
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Or hire/'borrow a set of locking wheel nut removers-I've seen them for sale at around £25.
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AA/RAC patrols normally carry a socket to remove these - I'm sure if you could catch one they'd loosen it for you for £5.

Alternatively go to a decent local tool factors and buy a removal socket - they come in a couple of different sizes and have a spiral 'blade' inside that fits around the nut and digs into it as you undo it. I bought one of these (quality brand) a couple of years back for about £17.
Don't let anyone start hammering/chiselling at it otherwise you'll damage the alloys.
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Could be wrong, but if the security bolts are the same type as mine then no two locking wheel bolt kits are the same. I would double check the prices you have been given as when I once had to replace a key it cost something like £5.50, and a new kit cost £25 (mind you that was a few years ago and for an older type kit and not the Thatcham approved set which I imagine you have)

That aside, when you eventually get the wheels off again to change the brake pads, pushing / winding the pistons back in without first slackening off the bleed nipple *can* flip the seals in the master cylinder or damage the ABS modulator.
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I did the same thing a couple of years ago - fiddling with the rear wheels and left the locking key on the bolt when it started to rain. Vauxhall charged about £25 for the key after verbally saying it would be about £10! Not a cheap mistake.
Help - I've been stupid.... - wonderwheels
Not cheap,but appears the ONLY option

I've spent 3 hours today (and I was nightshift last night!!!) going round Tyre fitters and garages.No luck.I then phoned several Dealers,no master key for mine.new key = £32.Brand new set of 4x bolts inc a key = £25. annoying to say the least.On top of this up to 14 days delivery.

Ok,so from a "peace of mind" point of view.Good lock nuts for alloys, but complete nightmare if you need you brakes changed RIGHT NOW !!!! Only got myself to blame - that makes it worse because I am a idiot

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My local "Formula 1" did remove a locking nut from my car for free but then they had fitted the wheels in the first place-this nut would not undo even with the correct key-just took corners off.
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Do you have any breakdown cover at all? Maybe if you were to let down the tyre and then ring up for assistance in changing your wheel you may get an AA/RAC man out who will be able to remove it for you for 'free'. That said you still have the locking nuts on the other three wheels to contend with. Maybe the wise option is to buy the replacement key and put it down as an expensive lesson learned.


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