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Both the front and back screenwash squirters have stopped working at the same time on our X-reg Citroen Picasso. I think the pumps/motors might not be working because I can't hear any noise at all when pulling/twisting the controls, whereas usually you hear the little hum or whine. The squirters are not blocked externally as far as I can tell and the reservoir is full of screenwash. We tried to look for the fuse, but in the manual there is no fuse relating to the washers.

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The washer pump may have gone. Can't remember the exact set-up on a late Picasso; but it's likely there's one, reversible, motor that does both ends. It'll be mounted in the washer bottle [doubtless hidden in the front wheelarch?]

The washers are probably controlled by the BSI [body electrics] module; there are some fuses mounted on that, but none are listed as for the washers.
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Depending on year the BSI ( Built in Systems Interface ) controls everything electrical.

One pump doing both screens sounds right, unless you find a blown fuse might be unplug the washer motor & check you have 12 volts at the connector plug when an assistant operates the washers ( lift the blades first else they will drag across a dry screen )
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An obvious question- is/was the system frozen? Mine was a few days ago. Now using 25% concentrate and 10°C forecast!
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
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It could be something as simple as a build up of sludge in bottom of reservoir/pump inlet. Jamming pump. Can happen if you mix incompatible screen washes. To avoid dismantling try flushing the contain vigorously with a hose (if it s not banned!). Last time I cleared one in my mk4 Fiesta I used a footpump to pressurise back towards the reservoir. However this is high risk as it may split pipe or joints.


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