Focus 02 TDCi oil leak - arnold2
Got a small oil leak on my 02 TDCi Focus - small patch under engine after it's been there all night - with all the dark mornings and nights can't tell it it's been doing this for a bit ! Checked the engine oil dipstick and there's more than enough - in fact it's right at the top of where it should be. I'm wondering if the engine may have too much oil ? If not, anything else i can look at - could the oil filter be loose ?
Focus 02 TDCi oil leak - jc2
I've had oil leak out round the filter-just needed a fraction of a turn more.
Focus 02 TDCi oil leak - piston power
sure it's the engine?? maybe gearbox oil seal leaking? have you a torch put some cardboard under and check were the oil spillages are then you will see were it leaks from. good luck
Focus 02 TDCi oil leak - kithmo
Could be the rubber seal on the sump plug that has got damaged., very flimsy things, I put a new sump plug on every other oil change on the Mondeo.
Focus 02 TDCi oil leak - 45 litre
get under and have a look

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