Mazda 626 Headlight - Chirpy99
Hi I stone flew up and damaged my headlight on a 1999 626 , I have got a new headlight from a breakers but am having a devil of a job to take the old headlamp off. I have undone the 3 bolts attaching it to the chassis but there doesnt seem to be enough clearance between the bumper to get it free. Can someone throw some light on this?
Also anyone know of any sites to view or download a manual for this car?


Mazda 626 Headlight - bell boy
1 hour 40 minutes allowed to do this, so you probably have to do a fair amount of dismantling.
guess the bumper is one of those articles,,,,,sorry dont know
Mazda 626 Headlight - braindead
been there worse than a mondeo
use a bar

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