Jaguar XK8 Window Problem - pammyxk8
The drivers side window of my R reg XK8 will not drop (it raises half an inch instead when the door is opened) to enable the door to close after exiting the car. I have tried the re programming sequence several times to no avail, I have made sure that the battery is fully charged as this has caused problems with the general electrics in the past but this has made no difference. Can anyone help please before I take it in to my local Jag Dealer and spend a small fortune.

Jaguar XK8 Window Problem - Cyd
I'm sure this regulator uses hall sensors for the position sensing for the glass. It is most likely that these have failed and a new regulator is required. A dealer will have the necessary diagnostic gear to trace and confirm this. However you would be better finding a local Jag independant to keep costs reasonable (though they won't be able to do anything about the parts cost). Budget up to £200 for repair.
Jaguar XK8 Window Problem - bell boy
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Jaguar XK8 Window Problem - Aprilia

Bit of a digression, but I read the bit in your profile about leaving automotive to be an electrician. Its a terrible shame when engineers bail out like that. Have you considered a job in Europe (better pay and conditions)?
Jaguar XK8 Window Problem - Cyd

As of Jan 2 2007 I will be a full time self employed electrician (well, domestic installer really). I've been doing it part time for about 4 months and cannot cope with the amount of work it's generating, so have decided to go full time.

Frankly I'm sick of working for unappreciative simpletons.
Jaguar XK8 Window Problem - pammyxk8
Thanks so much for this. It will help when I go to the dealership not to look like a silly woman. I had tried everything I could think of, even disconnecting the battery to try to reset the memory from scratch. this didn't work either. I enjoy my car and do like to look after it. My "man who can" couldn't go any further than me on this so your advice is welcome.

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