1993 honda prelude 2 litre manual - johnboy1967
still looking to get a car and have seen a 1993 prelude.it has 95k miles,10 months mot and 5 months tax.had service history until 46k miles.the price is £700.i have not found out yet about the last timing belt change so i reckon that will be the first thing should i get the car.anybody got any advice on these cars and any common faults to check on.also is the price reasonable or not.thanks for all advice given.

1993 honda prelude 2 litre manual - daveyjp
A collegue has one of similar vintage - J reg. The ECU warning light is on, but it still plods on and has never let her down. Her garage say keep running it until it dies as it will cost more to fix the problem - they told her this at least 5 years ago!
1993 honda prelude 2 litre manual - Sprice
Is it a Jap 'grey' import (square back number plate, 'stuck on' rear fog light etc)? If so, not worth so much, also, if its a 4 wheel steer model, make sure it works, along with the cool digital dash! Great cars these, and the 2 litre unit is decent enough, and non VTEC so insurance not so dear as the 2.2.

£700 about right I suppose.

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