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Ok, I've begnu to think that my Focus is just crazed. Having bought her new tyres, clutch and cambelt (we're at 110k miles), she decided today to claim overheating. Booked into garage later this week, she needs whatever is causing it fixed (which could be a leaky radiator or head gasket), a new pollen filter, fanbelt & tensioner, and new rear brakes. The gearbox is leaking too. I know she must sound like a bag of nails to most, but she appears and runs fine most of the time...

The question is, do I sell her (I've got an offer of £2,500 from a local garage, though he doesn't know of the new overheating issue), or do I fix everything and hope nothing else becomes a problem? I do love the way it drives on twisties and the motorway, the performance of the 1.6 suits me, the looks, the space and the equipment. I know I could never get the same again if I got rid, and would likely consider replacement with a 306 1.9Dturbo, or a Rover 2.0 TD (I figure I may as well go for a diesel car for the economy).

What would you do in my situation?
Keep or replace? - oldtoffee
>>What would you do in my situation?
If you decide not to keep it and that's not an easy decision beause you've replaced or fixed most things (and had no value from them) that might reasonably go wrong with the Focus, then I'm not sure I'd limit myself to looking at a Peugeot or Rover both hardly renown for their reliability although the 306 will be an enjoyable drive. Another lower mileage Focus if you enjoy the drive over all else? Or if you are willing to forsake that, then an Astra or something Japanese for reliability. (I wonder if in a year or three we'll be saying "for reliability something Japanese or Korean"?)
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I know
I could never get the same again if I got rid,

Why not??

What year is the Focus then? Civics are a very good car for the money, which is what I'd go for.
Keep or replace? - local yokel
Is the offer of £2.5 k a PX figure, or is he buying the car from you for cash? If cash, then I'd keep £1.5k in the bank, and buy a tidy but higher miles Nissan Primera for £999. There are loads, some very well specced with leather and AC.

No image, but reliable. For £999 you won't get much in diesel that hasn't already been to the moon and back.
Keep or replace? - y2k+4
Thanks guys. The reason I put forward those as the replacement choice is because I have considered other cars - like 1.4/1.5 Honda Civic 3dr (96-01) and 1.5 Mazda 323 (96-98) for around £1,500, but the trouble is they're very high on insurance - I'm only 20 and a guy, so I can't really afford more than what I pay on the Focus - which is just insurance group 5, and cost less to insure than other group 5 cars I looked at way back when...ironically, even a 1.25 Ghia Fiesta was more to insure.

The Focus is a 1.6 51-reg facelift, and it would basically be sell to dealer. It's not really a dealer, but he's local and runs the petrol station and sells cars on the side...if you catch my drift...
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It's suffering a mid life crisis. You and it will get through after which it should give more years of faithful service.

We had similar experience c96 with a 5yo BX 1.9TGD Estate; hydraulic bits followed by rear trailing arm bearings,brake calipers, clutch and radiator. After that just consumables until 2005 when steering rack and tin worm sent it to the great car park in the sky

If the working Focus is what you need/want pay the repair bills and think of the depreciation on a newer car.
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It nearly always costs more to replace than repair in such cases.
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Keep or replace? - y2k+4
The only thing that worries me is what could come next. Being a student I have limited abilities to repair the car - paying for what I will have to will pretty much clear me out (assuming all can be done for less than £300, otherwise we're into overdraft territory). Is it likely anything else could really go horribly wrong on my car in the next six months in the experience of backroomers?
Keep or replace? - caesar
What makes you think that the gearbox is leaking.
If its because of a damp patch at the bottom of the gearbox it normally ends up being the pressure pipe nut has a split and is leaking brake/clutch fluid.
Its a known fault with the focus(first thing i fixed on mine) and costs about £30 and took me about 45 mins to complete and im a average at diy.
Keep or replace? - caesar
Should of said.
It also had a new thermostat a few weeks before i bought it.
Can this cause overheating?
Keep or replace? - davidh
The offer of 2.5k for the Focus is academic really as it wouldnt be fair to sell a faulty car. As it stands, if the radiator is duff then you've got 2.3K to play with. If its the head gasket - you've got 2K to play with.


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