Vauxhall Agila engine management light - V Meldrew
Hello. For the last 3 years this light has been permanently on. Performance is normal and exhaust emissions are normal. Have just used a code reader and I'm getting P0170 which is "fuel trim malfunction" . I have visually checked the MAF sensor and cleaned out the throttle body. I would like to check the EGR valve but I can't locate it. I'm assuming it has one because I've seen it for sale on a vauxhall dealers website. The AGILA uses a Corsa engine. Its 1.2 16valve ecotec engine. Thanks
Vauxhall Agila engine management light - David G.I.Davies
Suggest you clear the P0170 code and evaluate.If it recurs you will most likely need a new MAF sensor.
David Davies

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