Stone Chip on Windscreen - MokkaMan
I have received a stone chip on my windscreen (bottom right hand corner on the very edge. It is a standard chip size 2mm diameter (oval/circular shape). It is not very deep (you can feel it with your fingernail) and there is no spiders web sort of effect). I got it from oncoming traffic - so it could not reall have been avoided.

Is this an MOT issue? If so I assume I can get one of these clever chaps who come and drill it out and fill it with a transparent filler?

Any experience on this mych appreciated
Stone Chip on Windscreen - AR-CoolC
I've been repairing and replacing screens for nearly 14 years now, and that certainly sounds repairable (hard to say far certain wihout seeing it). The only concern is how close it is to the edge of the screen. If it is really close there may not be enough room to get the repair equipment over the chip.

Stone Chip on Windscreen - machika
Depends on the depth, I understand, as there must be enough depth to take the adhesive.
Stone Chip on Windscreen - Enoughalready
If your fully comp you might be able to get it repaired free of charge - if it is repairable. However, I once had one repaired and the windscreen cracked during the process so had to have a new one fitted via insurance & a £50 excess charge.
Stone Chip on Windscreen - Bill Payer
2mm!! That's nothing. Sounds like it's outside the important zones anyway.

Stone Chip on Windscreen - type's'
I have had experience of autoglass free repairs (well free to me - they obvioulsy charged my insurance). I had a bigger chip than you are describing smack bang in my line of vision and thought it was border line in trems of repair or new sreen.
They told me it just made it within the limit.
Off course I expected them to say sorry guv you need a new screen mate - but they were very honest and did a great job repairing it.
Based on my experience I would recomend you get autoglass to look at it - they were very good with me.
Stone Chip on Windscreen - Armitage Shanks {p}
SFAIK it isn't an MOT fail unless it is within the area swept by the wipers. It may be annoying wherever it is and your insurance will pay for a repair, if it can be done, without affecting your NC Bonus
Stone Chip on Windscreen - Brian(p)
Has anyone used the DIY ones from Halfords and do they work?

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