Changing - Legacy to Outback - hillman
I am considering trading in my Legacy for another, but want one without silly wheels, hence am thinking along the lines of the Outback (16 inch). So, I rang my insurance broker, very big national organisation, listened to a long spiel and was given lots of options to choose from, press 1 for this, 2 for that etc., etc. Eventually I got through and asked what would be the additional cost. After a long wait the adviser said that their system did not recognise the Subaru Outback. When I described it she replied that it was obviously a Japanese import and subject to a whole new system. She gave me another number to ring where I would definitely get a quotation. I rang the number, chose the option for quotations for a change after 30 days and pressed the number. The automated reply said that they didn?t do quotes beyond 30 days (Well why ask me to press that number then ?, I thought, & rang again). After a long eventually I got the same answer, sorry, that car isn?t on their system, but they would get a broker to ring me next morning. Next day, no call.

So, I rang another company, and a very helpful young lady looked hard and long and then said sorry, its not on our system. When I described it as looking like a Legacy she looked again and said, ?Oh, we do have a Subaru Legacy Outback, but it?s a Japanese import. We will insure it if you fit a Tracker?. Now that, in effect, is a further expensive insurance premium add-on, initial fitting cost and annual payment. Total, £150.00 more that my original insurance, plus the costs of the Tracker.

Encouraged by this I rang the original broker and asked for a quotation to change to a Subaru Legacy Outback. ?Yes Sir, £42.00, but the company might not accept it because it is a Japanese import. We?ll consult them and let you know?.

I?m sure I am boring you. Any ideas ??
Changing - Legacy to Outback - davros
I think you need to change insurance companies PDQ.

When I first insured my Legacy tourer, the Outback was clearly available as a selection option with every online insurer I looked at (we're talking all the major household names). Think they're the same insurance group.

Try for a dose of sanity. FWIW, I found Admiral to be the cheapest for my circumstances. How much are they quoting you?

Changing - Legacy to Outback - Nsar
My Legacy is with Budget via Confused - fairly painless experience
Changing - Legacy to Outback - Pete M
What are silly wheels? Large diameter rims with low profile tyres? If you get the base (poverty spec) models of most cars, they come with nice sensible steel wheels with high profile tyres. Almost nobody wants them, so you can pick them up second hand very easily.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - hillman
"What are silly wheels? Large diameter rims with low profile tyres? If you get the base (poverty spec) models of most cars, they come with nice sensible steel wheels with high profile tyres. Almost nobody wants them, so you can pick them up second hand very easily."

Yes Pete M. The TV tonight ran a programme on the poor state of the roads in my area, and large diameter rims with low profile tyres are indeed silly in those circumstances. The 2006 base model of the Legacy has that design of wheel. I'm looking at the Outback 2.5S because of the bigger tyre and greater ground clearance (defence against speed bumps. Some of the ones in our area are particularly onerous, viz Clifford Road in Poynton.)

Insurance quotations, not yet confirmed by mail :
My usual company £410.00 p,a. (was £394.00 for the Legacy 2.0)
Other company £575.0 p.a. plus tracker.

Changing - Legacy to Outback - jdc

I've had my Outback for a couple of years now and absolutely no problems with insuring it as a standard car (which it is !)

Insurance quotes are readily available as already mentioned without the need for trackers or imports or any such nonsense.
I pay £450 fully comp, 7 years no claims. myself and wife as drivers in a relatveily high insurance area (OL...) so they are not ridiculously expensive to insure.

You're right about the wheel/tyre issue though as mine has a lovely ride - ideal for our type of roads.

Changing - Legacy to Outback - nick
My Spec B has 18'' wheels and 45 profile tyres and while the ride isn't quite as soft as the 2.0 Legacy that preceeded it, it is much better than I imagined it would be. I think Subarus tend to be a bit better than most as they go for longish suspension travel but well damped. Oddly the ride height is also 1'' higher than the 17'' wheeled cars as they use 45 profile tyres too.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - nick
For insurance, have you tried Subaru Insurance, contact details on the Subaru website? They were cheap when I first had my 2 litre but not so cheap on the renewal. I'll try them again when my AA policy expires.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - hillman
" For insurance, have you tried Subaru Insurance, "

I looked at the advertising leaflet in the showroom. It gives an age range for acceptance of 30 to 70 years. In a couple of months I'll be outside of that range.

I'm glad to read that you are with the AA. I'm still awaiting confirmation that they will accept the car.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - nick
I arrived at the AA through using An excellent website which takes a lot of hassle out of the process of getting insurance. The service from the AA has been good so far but i've not had to claim. Come renewal time I'll have another try with Subaru and also try again. I saved nearly £200 on the renewal quote.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - hillman
Thanks, Nick, that sounds good.

Remember, though, that AA Insurance is a broker, and you may be placed with different companies every time you re-insure. Which are you with at present ?

I have received the confirmation from a leading company, but it will be £150.00 more that the AA. The additional fitting cost and yearly subscription for the Tracker will make it very expensive.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - nick
The insurance company is Equity Red Star. I'm amazed that they require a tracker on an Outback, Impreza Sti maybe...
Changing - Legacy to Outback - hillman
"... Equity Red Star."

I haven't come across that one before, has anybody any experience of it ?
I was told once by the 'adviser' that the AA imposes a standard policy on companies who provide insurance for it. It seems to be better than going out blind and expecting the company you have chosen to be helpful in case of need. I have read in the BR of cases where the insurance company was very difficult when claims were made.
Changing - Legacy to Outback - Mike H
Equity Red Star have been around for years, they are a Lloyds syndicate. Although I admit that is is probably 15 years ago since I was insured with them, they were first class in dealing with one of my (few) accident claims....they even offered me more in settlement for the car than I'd paid for it a few months earlier! Took them a few days to settle. I can't vouch for their current performance however.

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