Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Beaks
I have recently bought a '05 Mondeo tdci 130 zetec from a well known car supermarket. Very nice car. Only trouble is once I got over the excitement of a newish car I realised that I had only been given one key and no service book. It had done 13,500 miles and was 14 months old. I got it serviced at my local ford dealers straight away. I live a fair way from the car dealers. They said they did not have the spare key (I have the master key) nor any of the other papers except for the v5. I have sent a letter to the previous keeper (obviously a company) but they have not replied.
Can Ford put the index etc into their computer to tell me if it has been serviced already ? I know that getting another key is not too difficult,though pricey. The car is excellent though (oh the power point does not work either).
Any advice ???
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Quinny100
If you've had it serviced at 13.5k you'll be alright on the warranty front, although the 14 months bit may trip you up. That said my last Mondeo went 4k and 4 months over on a service and 2 dealers did warranty jobs on it and never asked for the book. AFAIK Ford don't have a central servicing database or if they do, not everybody contributes to it. If its registered to a company its possibly an ex hire car and they tend to service the cars in their own workshops. Not a problem as servicing on these is only an oil change and a pollen filter really.

If I were I'd just order a new book from a dealer or possibly Ebay but don't pay silly money - I sold a 2002 Mondeo manual pack with a blank service book on Ebay for £45 a while back as the dopey salesman gave me 2 sets when I bought it, I think they're about £15 from the dealer! Get them to stamp it for servicing and enjoy the car.

As for the power point, mine wasn't working when I got the car and I found the fuse was blown. They use a 5 amp on the lighter which is quite low - there are lots of things that draw more than 5A that plug into lighter sockets these days so it's nothing to worry about. Just be aware the fuses are an odd size - quite a bit smaller than a normal blade fuse and there's no spares.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - rtj70
A couple years back we got a car from Motorpoint. Only one key and no log book but they promised it was at Derby and we got ours from Burnley. After a short time, true to their word the key and log book appeared as promised. Maybe you only need to ask for it?

I named the Car Supermarket in our case because they did what they said they'd do and deserved naming IMHO. Some may have other stories of couese.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Wales Forester
What are the first two letters of the registration number? This might give you an idea of the original supplying dealer location.
Also, if the number plates are original they may show the original dealer name / postcode.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Beaks
Thanks to you all. I am encouraged. The dealers were the ones already mentioned above by someone else. Good to buy from but they said the same about the stuff being in Derby. I chased them off but they were no help. I have bought a service book off ebay for £13, so I will get it stamped. The vrm starts off PJ..... and thenplates were changed... I will try and get a fuse the power point.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Wales Forester
PJ is registered in Preston. Might be worth giving Evans Halshaw - Preston a ring Tel: 01772 204000.
They may very well have supplied the vehicle, it's a long shot but worth a phone call.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - rtj70
I did chase a bit but they did supply after not too long a wait. Ours only had 2 miles on the clock.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Red Baron
My Mondeo was registered to a car rent place in Stockport for one week, before being registered to a potato wholesaler nearby until the salesperson left, before AvailableCar sold it to me. I did try and chase the second key, but got nowhere as any one of three people/companies could have it.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Waino
Provided that you keep **all** garage receipts - is a service book absolutely vital?
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - local yokel
The fact that a car has been to the dealer on time tells you nothing about what the dealer did when it was there, and how many times it went in between scheduled services....

It indicates a concientious owner, but not neccessarily a happy driver.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - Granny
I had the same (one key) when i purchased my Mondeo last year. Salesman tried to fob me off with "it will only be a few quid" line. From experience I know it will be over £100 so I got him to knock 3100 off the already reduced price. He wasn't happy.
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - v0n
I wouldn't count on previous registered keepers coming up with keys or paperwork. Single key cars are often repossessions and even more often keepers go to lenghts to make the process very difficult and unrewarding for the fleet or finance executors...
[Nissan 2.2 dCi are NOT Renault engines. Grrr...]
Bought a Mondeo - No service book advice - rtj70
I should also add that back then Motorpoint said if the key didn't turn up soon, we should get one cut and send them the receipt and they would re-imburse us.

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