Pug 106 water leakage problem - LinuxGeek
I've recently bought Peugeot 106 M plate 1.5D and so far its been Okish. Not very happy with the car after changing the drive shaft, radiator etc.. Now I've got another problem. Water is leaking somewhere inside the car. Every morning I've a bit of water on the mat at the driver's side. I've looked for source of leakage under the steering area but can't seem to figure it out. I'm sure somewhere here knows exactly where its leaking from and if its easy and cheap to repair? I'm really thinking of selling this car and buying a Polo.
Pug 106 water leakage problem - Dynamic Dave
Has it got a pollen filter? Maybe the cover isn't securely fitted. Another thought is the heater matrix, unless it is just plain water.
Pug 106 water leakage problem - AR-CoolC
Has it had a windscreen replaced?

Does it have a sunroof?

Pug 106 water leakage problem - SpamCan61 {P}
If you're 100% sure it's water then ignore me; but if there is a hint of anti-freeze in it then I suspect a leaking heater matrix.
Pug 106 water leakage problem - LinuxGeek
Its not plain water because water is usually greenish/blueish colour which means its got anti-freeze in it. Is it fairly easy to fix?
It hasn't got sunroof.
Pug 106 water leakage problem - bell boy
if you are saying its got antifreeze in the mix so the heater matrix is leaking then as far as i am aware its a dog of a job.
cant confirm till tomorrow though when i have a look as ive never done one ,but seing as they are a saxo with a different badge the dash may have to come out
unless anyone knows different?
Pug 106 water leakage problem - SpamCan61 {P}
Heater matrix seems to be a dog of a job on most cars these days; my previous Omega had a matrix leak; a dose of radweld held it for 2 years...
Pug 106 water leakage problem - madf
Haynes says:
To remove matrix:
Remove complete fascia assumbly

Try Barr's leaks first... cheaper and easier imo
Pug 106 water leakage problem - yorkiebar
Dash has to come out, real pain of a job!

Also be careful when putting dash back in and panels around windcreen! Over tighten them and you will need new windscreen too!

been there, done it !

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