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Hello I now have a nissan primera 1.6 t reg and noticed that the gaiter is split.This is one job I will not do and I have had a quote of £30 plus for me to supply the part £5.I'm thinking that this is very reasonable indeed for what seems such a hard job going by the haynes manual.(or is it easier than it reads which always seems the case)Anyway I will be there when he does it, is there anything I ought to keep an eye out for ie short cuts that should not be done as not being safe etc!!!many thanks Leachy.
ns outer cv joint split. - tr7v8
On the basis you don't have the skills & confidence to do it yourself, but you think you have the skills to supervise !!!!!
£30 seems like a bargain as it's most probably 3/4 -1 hours work, I certainly don't labour for that sum.
ns outer cv joint split. - piston power
must agree!! £30.00 is a good deal leave the mechanic to it he does not want you looking over his shoulder.
ns outer cv joint split. - leachy
What I'm saying is will he only be able to do it the way the haynes manual explains or is there a quicker way to do the same job, if there is I would like to know as I've read the book and would be a little bit concerned if he done it another way.I hope you can understand what I mean.
ns outer cv joint split. - Aprilia
Might be able to do it by freeing the bottom of the strut and then shocking the shaft out of the CV joint - leaving the joint in the hub bearing (i.e. avoiding undoing the hub nut).
ns outer cv joint split. - spikeyhead {p}
In general, Haynes manuals tell you how to completely strip a car and then put it back together, they rarely tell you the easiest way of doing the job.

If the mechanic can do it for £30, bite his hand off. These things are rarely as easy as they should be, nuts get stuck etc and these days even though I'm quite capable of tackling most things on a car I'd sooner just pay someone else to do it.
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ns outer cv joint split. - Aprilia
Worst thing that can happen is that he'll crack the ABS reluctor ring - meaning a new joint......

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