Hyundai Yellow Engine Check Light - chrismgavin
Hi there, i'm chris I have a Hyundai 2001 blue 1.3 accent si
i was driving it in 2nd gear round a grassy roundabout in the rain when i lost control and ended up in the middle of it,everything seemed fine.
A day later i got the Yellow Engine Check light comer on so i called the AA, they said that it might be a malfunction so cleared it, it was coming up with 3 codes , P1128 FUEL VOLUME REGULATOR CONTROL CIRCUIT , P1801 AND P1805 FUEL SHUT OFF VALVE CONTROL CIRCUIT.

It stayed off for about 3 days and came back on so i dissconnected the battery and then true to form 3 days later it came back on again.

The car appears to be running the same as normal so i'm stumped to whats wrong with it.
Surely if there was a major problem then the light would come straight back on instead of the 3 day delay?
Has anyone else had any problems like this and if so what did they do to fix them.
hope someone can help...
Thanks Chris
Hyundai Yellow Engine Check Light - Peter D
Assuming the round about had a kerb I suggest you go to your friendly local garage or tyre place and get it put up on a ramp. Perhaps you have damaged something like a fuel line. It may of course be a complete coincidence. Regards Peter
Hyundai Yellow Engine Check Light - chrismgavin
Hi Peter i had a dropped curb on the island so i think it may be nothing to do with that,anyone else got any idea's?


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