Insurance question - sony
Insured with deleted - as you are calling them gits. DD on my tdi. Phoned this morning to get a quote on a Vr6 and the gits wont insure me until i'm 25 ( nearly 2 years!!). Yet they'll insure me on a 2.0 16v...
Now i'm sure they said themselves ( a few months ago when i phoned them) that if i owned the car they would be oblidged to insure me.
That true??!

Insurance question - adverse camber

But if they said that it will be recorded somewhere so you could try complaining.
Insurance question - No FM2R
Like he said, no.

However, if they are declining to insure you then you should be entitled to a pro-rata refund rather than anything based upon short term rates. Neither should there be any admin charge.
Insurance question - jc2
If you push them hard enough they will probably offer you RTA only;that's not refusing!!
Insurance question - sony
Just phoned them back and because i said the VR6 is in the garage they'll insure me. Its a mad world??!
Insurance question - Statistical outlier
If you're claiming it's garaged, remember that if it's parked within half a mile of your house between midnight and 6 am and not in the garage, it's uninsured. Details vary from insurer to insurer, but there's normally a clause like this in there somewhere.
Insurance question - cheddar
On my bike the excess is doubled if it were to be nicked from with half a mile of home at any time of day when not in the garage.
Insurance question - Gromit {P}
I'd be surprised if your insurance company - DD wouldn't quote on any type of car - except the car van, 4x4 and kit car exclusions they specifically (and very clearly) set down from the outset when you visit their website for a quote. They were happy to quote me for a Subaru Forester 2.0 Turbo when I was only driving a year, although I was over 25 at the time. After all, insuring young and higher-risk drivers is where they made their name.

Do bear in mind that they have a reputation that they are very particular about enforcing the conditions set on their policies (again, which they quote clearly themselves - that's how they keep their costs down). So, if you've said the car is garaged, make sure it gets locked into that garage every night!
Insurance question - Adam {P}
Try somewhere else.

I rang to insure a GS300 (Group 17) last year when I was 20 and they said yes.

I can (if I had the money) insure an RS, an ST220 or a BM 530.

Try somewhere else.
Insurance question - sony
Well as I said they will now insure me anyway + I have been with them for 8 months (only 2 more months to pay) so wouldnt have wanted to change as i'd have lost a valuable no claim bonus. I will have 2 by the end of this year.
Insurance question - moonshine

My understanding is that all insurers are required by law to provide an offer of third party (minimum RTA requirement) insurance to anyone for any vehicle.

Of course it's up to them what price they quote you....
Insurance question - MichaelR
Try somewhere else.
I rang to insure a GS300 (Group 17) last year when
I was 20 and they said yes.
I can (if I had the money) insure an RS, an
ST220 or a BM 530.
Try somewhere else.

I second this. I just insured a 530i Sport and it was an extra £140 for the remaining 8 months of my policy over my 2.0 16v Mondeo.

Shop around.
Insurance question - adam f

they are good and i found them very cheap

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