peugeot 206 temp gauge - dips
hi, all.
My temp goes to normal, the fan kicks in and the stoplight comes on and the temp needle goes high in the red.
Fan stops the needle goes back to normal.The cars not overheating and the coolent level is ok.I've changed the fan switch.No change.Any idea's.Many thanks
peugeot 206 temp gauge - elekie&a/c doctor
Which switch have you changed?There is no specific switch solely for the operation of the cooling fan.I would suggest the fault is related to the cooling system or the gauge sender unit is not reading correctly.
peugeot 206 temp gauge - dips
The temp sender switch has been changed which got 3 wires on it.
peugeot 206 temp gauge - dips
hi thanks 4 reply
the fault waz a resister mounted on the front panel by the fan (cooling fan)

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