Yaris parts source / cost ? - cheddar
A friend's Yaris has apparently been vandalised, looks like a couple of kicks have been aimed at the rear panel and light unit, Dent Wizard or similar may be able to sort out the panel otherwise it is a body shop job. The rear light is broken so needs fixing asap to keep the car on the road however they have not had the best experience with the local dealer (engine management light probs) and from experience expect the part cost to be rather high.

I have offered to fit a new light unit however are there any specialists (like GSF) who deal in Toyota parts and may be cheaper than a Toyota dealer parts dept?

The car is approx 2001 3dr Yaris.

Yaris parts source / cost ? - madf
look here for lists
Yaris parts source / cost ? - cheddar
Thanks madf, "Parts 4 Toyota" on there seems to list only mechanical parts.
Yaris parts source / cost ? - Aprilia
I occasionally buy parts for Jap cars and TBH I think the only place you'll get a light unit for a newish Yaris will be the dealer. There might be places (e.g. Parts Direct in Derby) who will order you one from Japan on a VIN, but it will take time and may not be much cheaper. You could try the breakers for a s/h unit off a front-damaged car.
Yaris parts source / cost ? - Marc
I've tried looking on the internet for suppliers of parts and accessories for SWMBO's RAV4 as the Toyota dealers really know how to charge. I drew a blank apart from, as you pointed out, generic service parts. Have you tried ebay?
Yaris parts source / cost ? - cheddar
Thanks all, yes tried e-Bay, Yaris owner is not up for trawling breakers and I dont have the time, they are going to try an independant specialist tomorrow otherwise will have to get from the dealer parts dept I guess.


Yaris parts source / cost ? - 007
How about Anglo Japanese Motor Factors?


Yaris parts source / cost ? - 007
Cheddar......Did you have any luck with Anglo Jap'?
Yaris parts source / cost ? - cheddar
I have left it with my friend, I will ask and get back to you.


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