Golf Plus longevity - nozmeister
Looking at buying a Golf Plus as it seems to tick a few boxes in terms of size, space, retained value, etc.

My main concern is that I don't see many of these on the road and I wonder if VW will drop the model (especially as I've heard that a Golf Estate is on it's way).

What do people think?

Also, anyone out there own one and can give me their thoughts on owning one?

Thanks in advance!
Golf Plus longevity - stunorthants
Its one of those cars that seemed like a good idea at the time, but doesnt really have much of a place in the market -its just a slightly bigger Golf afterall. Much the same as the Ford Fusion - you read very few reports on these cars that suggest that they offer anything real-world in terms of advantages over the normal variants.

If you happen to like it then get it - if it is dropped, one assumes it will be rare which isnt always a bad thing when it comes to resale as it still has mainstream appeal as a used car.

Incidentally, ive seen quite a few.
Golf Plus longevity - daveyjp
I've seen a few. A colleague tried one as a replacement for his Multipla. He needed something slightly smaller, but offering some advantages of an MPV. He also suffers a bad back so needed something slightly higher for ease of access. He tried a Golf Plus, but wasn't too impressed with the interior fixtures and fittings or the dealership which took weeks to sort out a test drive. He eventually opted for a Seat Toledo, he prefers the interior, it's slightly larger to accommodate his three rapidly growing sons and it was cheaper than the Golf Plus.
Golf Plus longevity - Mystic
Allegedly it replaces the normal 5 door in 2008.
Golf Plus longevity - cheddar
I thought that was the idea, to ultimately differentiate the 3 and 5 door models. The Megane has different styling, 3 and 5 door, Fiat tried the Brava / Bravo name variation, not new to want to differentiate.
Golf Plus longevity - Adam {P}
>>The Megane has different styling, 3 and 5 door<<

Does it? Other than missing two doors, what's different?
Golf Plus longevity - cheddar
Look at the shape of the rear windows / roof line.
Golf Plus longevity - Adam {P}
To be honest, that looks like a by product of having the extra doors. Not as severe a distinction as the Bravo/Brava or the Golf/Golf Plus.
Golf Plus longevity - Altea Ego
No the three door is much more bottified, and designed to look sportier. the 5 door does not look half as good.

Same for the C4, three door looks stunning, 5 door pile of fetid dog poo.
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Golf Plus longevity - Adam {P}
Wrong wrong wrong.

What do you know? You're old. Go and buy some varifocals or something.
Golf Plus longevity - cheddar
I agree with TVM re the Megane, the 3dr looks great specially with the 17" alloys. Dont like any of the C4's tho.
Golf Plus longevity - Sofa Spud
My guess is that the Golf Plus was introduced for those who wanted a VW that was more like the Peugeot 307 than the ordinary Mk 5. Perhaps VW are testing the water in order to determine what the Mk 6 Golf will be like.
Golf Plus longevity - Altea Ego
Wrong wrong wrong.
What do you know? You're old. Go and buy some varifocals
or something.

Blimey hark at focus saloon driver, the arbiter of all thats good taste.

you stewpid boy, go wash your tank top and flairs.
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Golf Plus longevity - oldgit
Allegedly it replaces the normal 5 door in 2008.

You are joking, aren't you? I hope so. Why would they replace a nice looking hatchback with a funny over-tall one that doesn't really offer any advantages i.e on a few mms longer and 100mm higher - otherwise zilch.
Golf Plus longevity - colinh
I think this quote from a former broadsheet sums it up:

"VW claims there are 18,000 Golf Plus buyers a year out there; MPV-phobes who so fear the stigma of owning a car that screams "breeder" that they wouldn't dream of buying a Renault Scenic or Focus C-Max. In other words, Mercedes A-class buyers.

The trouble is that the new A-class is really rather good. It has been designed from the ground up, not just by pumping air into an existing smaller model. And the Mercedes badge, though tarnished by recalls and falling residuals, still counts for something on Privet Drive.

If things continue in this way for much longer, VW will start to see itself habitually referred to as "beleaguered VW", sales will tumble and, before they know what's hit them, they'll find themselves trying to negotiate terms with Shanghai Automotive."

Golf Plus longevity - type's'
Oh dear I am so glad I did not write that last paragrpah colinh.

I do recall reading an article where Burnt Sausagetrousers or whatever the CE of VAG is called criticising the VW designers for being so boring and not challenging the market in the way that Renault have done with the scenic and Peugout with the 307SW and I think the Golf Plus is their repsonse. As the guys above say it is just too little too late.
I do see a quite a few on the road where I live but it is not as popular as the C max which would be my choice if I was buying in this market segment.

Having said that I think VW are FANTASTIC - both the products and service from the delaers are superb - I owned 7 and all were an example of motoring perfection. I just wonder how they can continue to improve on what they have done.
Sorry buit I have been banned from discussing my real life experience with VW's on this forum by Martin Sweeney and co so I can not tell what I really think.

But on a serious note I do reckon it is with us for a while yet - it must be relatively cheap for VW to make because fundamentally it is the same as the normal Golf with some stretched body work. (I am not sure if I am allowed to say that either).
Golf Plus longevity - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Why would they replace a nice looking hatchback with a funny over-tall one that doesn't really offer any advantages i.e on a few mms longer and 100mm higher - otherwise zilch.

I sat in a new standard Golf, Golf Plus, Touran and Passat recently in local VW showroom. I set the front seats to suit me then 'sat behind myself'. I'm 6'1".
The Golf Plus was the easiest to get into, had most rear leg room and was very comfortable.
I was impressed.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.

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