firing order - peugeot 406 turbo - foxy406t
Anyone got any clue as to the firing order of a peugeot 406 turbo (wasted spark)

pic would be fantastic
firing order - Aprilia
I'm sure it will be 1,3,4,2, with 4 being on the driver's side of the block.
firing order - foxy406t
any idea on the distributer numbers?


1o 2 o
3o 4 o

the o being the plug in the distributer
firing order - jc2
Most 4 cyl. engines are 1342 but Ford SV/OHV are 1243.
firing order - foxy406t
Yes but which plug is which on the distributor?!!?
firing order - elekie&a/c doctor
If you say it is a wasted spark system,there is no distributor.There is a coil pack that fires 2 cylinders at a time.If the corrct pair are firing at the correct time ,then the 2 "paired" leads could be swapped over.
firing order - jc2
Most coil packs fire 1&4,2&3.You may find on the pack(in very small print)a number close to each coil connector.

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