Hiring Sat Nav - Walton2
My wife has to take her parents to London next weekend for a funeral on the Monday, including some driving round the Croydon area, before returning on Tuesday, possibly through London itself. We were looking at the various web companies offering sat-nav hire. Anybody used any that they could recommend, the Tom-Tom system seems the most common - is it reliable for that sort of use? And reasonably easy to learn to use? Thanks.
Hiring Sat Nav - R40
The latest TomTom's are very easy to use and as accurate as other systems. The menu system and buttons are intuitive and if you get a 710 or 910 (or 700 if an older version) then they should make the journey easy for you.

I use a 700 and have used other systems also. I find the TomTom the simplest, easiest and and reliable.


Hiring Sat Nav - Westpig
for goodness sake don't leave the thing ANYWHERE in the car.......

the things are going like hot cakes in the London Area and the car thieves are going to the extent of:

- using Bluetooth technology on a mobile phone, to search your car to see if one is there,

-are looking at windscreen 'sucker pad' marks, to see if you've used one recently (and then hidden it in the car)

-There have even been minicab drivers called out, then had someone open the door as if to get in, but the 'customer' leans in and grabs the Satnav before running off.
Hiring Sat Nav - Blue {P}
Tom Tom is generally ok but I found it a little slow to catch up at the weekend when I went to Derby, I ended up taking two wrong turns as a result, but at the end of the day it got me where I wanted to go. This weekend was a little out of the ordinary though as normally it takes me where I wanna go with minimum fuss.

This weekends events led me to think of a good bumper sticker slogan that could be useful when trying to navigate using it:-

"I'm not drunk, I'm trying to follow TomTom"

P.S. I do think that Tom Tom is the BEST of all the portable units.

Hiring Sat Nav - AlastairW
"I'm not drunk, I'm trying to follow TomTom"
Having recently followed a 7.5 tonner down a road with clear 'width restriction 6' 6'' signs' i would rather drivers paid attention to the road instead of their sat navs. Took the poor swine ages to turn round!
Hiring Sat Nav - rtj70
Can I ask how much to hire. Some of these units are very reasonable to buy now.
Hiring Sat Nav - Walton2
Eventually got a TomTom from very helpful people at Satnavman. Cost from Friday delivery to Wednesday return £35.00 plus return postage. Obviously if you need one regularly it's not economical but for a one-off piece of mind it seems worth it.

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