Ford Mondeo 51 plate TDCI - pienmash
car was driving fine then went to start it and it wont fire up .....phoned up breakdown as i had my kids the weekend,he said soilnoid was off iwent to get a new one then bloke in starter motor shop said "before i sell you one make sure the flywheel isnt leaking into your starter motor,so i went home to take alook leaks around the said areas,but now i got a terrible rattle on start up that goes after 3 mins to 5 mins and becomes a funny whistle when the whistle i thought maybe was the turbo????anybody help out please..The car starts up still but u can tell the solinoid is going has sumtimes it doesnt start for 5 seconds with the key held at point 3 on the barrel...the motor has done 116,000miles.....i changed oil 2 mths ago and was driving lovely until recently ...and the water keeps going down as well ?
many thank you for reading
Ford Mondeo 51 plate TDCI - elekie&a/c doctor
This sounds like a classic case of the dual mass flywheel/clutch assy breaking up.Debris from these components enters the starter motor and prevents it from engaging/rotating.Not a cheap fix I'm afraid.The loss of water is a different problem.hth
Ford Mondeo 51 plate TDCI - pienmash
crikey i just put payed a garage to put a clucth n cylinder in the mondeo.....
Ford Mondeo 51 plate TDCI - pienmash
thankyou for your hep
Ford Mondeo 51 plate TDCI - Screwloose

Didn't the garage that changed the clutch advise you to have a flywheel done at the same time? DM flywheels failing shortly after clutch replacement is so well-known that you may even have some right to redress if you weren't given the option. Many places won't fit only a clutch; it's the full kit - or nothing.

Don't drive it; if the failing flywheel grenades the damage is horrendous; there certainly won't be much left of the bellhousing.
Ford Mondeo 51 plate TDCI - pienmash

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